The 2nd international conference on quality assurance in higher education kicked-off on Wednesday at the University of Education, in collaboration with Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, Khyber Medical University and Pakistan Network of Quality Assurance in Higher Education. The conference was attended by leading scholars, researchers and educationists from all over the world, including Dr SelvaStaub from Turkey, Donald Staub from Turkey, Prof Kethamonie Naidoo from South Africa, D. Bassam Al Hamad from Bahrain, Dr Khalid Azim Khan from Saudi Arabia and Dr Bahar Gun from Turkey

More than 60 researches paper were presented at the moot, discussing a wide array of topics related to higher education and quality assurance. Pakistan Network of Quality Assurance in Higher Education (PNQAHE) President Prof Dr Arshad Javed and Khyber Medical University Vice-Chancellor, were the Chief Guest at the opening ceremony of the conference.

University of Education (UE) VC Prof Dr Rauf-i-Azam, addressing the moot said poor infrastructure, lack of technological means and paucity of education budget were the main reasons behind substandard educational facilities and standards in the country.  He said the PTI-led government was initiating major reforms in the sector to enhance the quality of the system, however, all education stakeholders should come forward and join hands with the government to uplift it.

 “We need to focus our attention seriously to resolve the issues which our education system has been facing for the last seven decades,” the VC added.

Quality education was vital for sustainable development of the country and to promote national cohesion. “If we failed to ensure quality in every stage of our educational system, we may face even the challenge of our existence in the galaxy of nations,” Rauf said.

Prof Dr Arshad Javed said initiatives were being taken by PNQAHE to enhance and ensure quality education in Pakistan.



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