A month after the syndicate of Quaid e Azam University (QAU) Islamabad headed by the Chief Justice of Pakistan Qazi Faiz Eaas had announced to restoration of students’ unions within the premises of the Campus, the University is once again in the news after a FIR was registered against some of the members of the ethnic council for attacking a student gathering inside the main mosque of the University. The gathering was allegedly by the activists of another student organization, Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba (IJT).

A day after the attack, the Quaidians Student Federation put out a statement on their Facebook page saying that they would not let anyone use the mosque for their political agendas. QSF is the umbrella organization under which all 6 ethnic councils of the university mobilize and organize themselves. In a Facebook post shared on the organization’s page, they said “We will strongly and up to any extent counter everyone at every angle who are using the name of sacred places (Masjids), personalities (Prophet Muhammad PBUH) and books (Quranic verses) for personal and petty political interests. We know your reality like where you belong to, what your purpose and for whom you are working”

The QSF claims to be a “secular entity” and it looks like they have taken it upon themselves to counter any “religiously motivated extremism”. It comes as quite a shock as the university is known for the violence often perpetrated by the ethnic councils. This statement of QSF was vehemently criticized by various social media activities saying that organizations like QSF have no legal or ethical justification to allow or not allow anyone in the university to organize, rather it’s the job of the administration to decide these things, which in this case have just maintained a complete silence and no official statement have been issued thus far.

This fiasco has once again challenged all those claims and promises of the restoration of the Students Union by the Vice Chancellor of the University and it seems like he’s still unable to address this matter and challenge the illegal hegemony of these ethnic councils.

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