Controversy Surrounds Allegations Against UAJK
Allegations Against UAJK

Controversy Surrounds Allegations Against UAJK

In a recent development, Raja Gul Majid Khan Advocate, the legal advisor of Azad Jammu and Kashmir University (UAJK), has issued legal notices against two individuals, Liaquat Bashir Farooqi and Khawaja Anser Siddique, who are actively involved in propagating false allegations against the university to tarnish the reputation of the university, target its top administration, and cause financial harm..

According to the issued legal notices, both individuals have been accused of publishing articles, news, and social media posts under their names in various newspapers. These publications contain baseless accusations of corruption, mismanagement, and favoritism against the university’s top administration and officers, thus not only tarnishing their reputation but also committing a grave national crime by undermining the state’s premier educational institution financially.

Both individuals have been instructed in the legal notices to provide evidence supporting their allegations or retract their false claims, seeking forgiveness for baselessly accusing the university’s top administrative officials. Failure to comply with these instructions may result in legal action being taken against them. It should be noted that a specific mafia has persistently launched a campaign to serve its personal, group, and political interests against the UAJK. Their objective is to exert pressure on the university’s forthcoming officers, blackmail them, and achieve their nefarious goals.

This particular group fabricates false news, articles, and columns, distorting the image of the university during crucial admissions periods, aiming to dissuade students and parents from choosing the UAKJ for their educational future. Consequently, the state’s highest educational institution would suffer financially and eventually cease to exist. Despite their malicious campaign and the misconduct of top educational officers, no legal action has been taken against these negative elements, further bolstering their audacity.

After careful consideration, it has been decided that since universities and higher education institutions are symbols of national assets, unity, and solidarity, allowing the future of these national symbols to be compromised and tarnished in the eyes of the public is unacceptable. Therefore, it has been decided to take all possible measures within the bounds of the law against these negative elements.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson of the AJKU has appealed to journalistic organizations, the central press council, and responsible journalists to hold accountable those black sheep present among their ranks who not only harm national institutions but also become a source of defamation for the noble profession of journalism. The spokesperson also urged the government of Azad Kashmir, the top administration, and enforcing agencies to play their part in curtailing this organized campaign aimed at defaming national institutions and causing them harm.

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