CPEC Conference Mulls Cooperation Between Chinese, Pakistani Varsities


The China Study Centre (CSC), University of Peshawar and the higher education institutions in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are jointly conducting a three-day international conference titled “CPEC: Collaboration in higher education and sustainable development”. The conference began on Tuesday and aims at exploring various collaborative initiatives among higher education institutes in Pakistan and China.

The conference will  also look for ways to exchange information about faculty exchange programmes and learning about the accomplishments of the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) and China Association of Higher Education (CAHE).

According to the organisers, the conference would provide a much-needed platform to engage academicians, research scholars, government officials, diplomats, media practitioners, diplomats and development experts from all across the globe, particularly Pakistan and China, in an interface with the participants to think critically about policy formulations and other coordinative measures across borders.

This conference will allow development experts from China, Pakistan and other developed countries to evaluate the project’s trajectories in an objective manner, helping them to reap the benefits of the project in an effective manner.

The presenters and speakers invited at the conference will engage the participants through constructive interaction, allowing them to understand the intricacies of CPEC, along with the implications of the project for Pakistan and the region at large. The event includes discussion and sharing of ideas, along with proposing realistic or practical perspectives on multifarious aspects of the project. 

The event’s objectives include exploration of collaboration in higher education between Pakistan and China universities, deliberation over avenues of strengthening joint research projects, exchange of faculty and students, learning the achievements of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan and China Association of Higher Education, assessing prognosis of growth and sustainable development through connectivity and economic cooperation under BRI/CPEC, examining opportunities and challenges to CPEC, evaluation of the prospects of integration of regional countries under BRI/CPEC and enhancing trade and investment and scientific analysis of the impacts of CPEC on Pakistan and the region.

The conference is expected to allow higher education institutions of Pakistan to bolster educational cooperation which will assist youngsters in KP to polish their skill-set.

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