Creativity In Learning Boasts Cognitive Skills, Report Reveals

Creativity In Learning Boasts Cognitive Skills, Report Reveals

Creativity in Learning

A new Gallup Creativity in Learning report reveals that creativity and learning in a classroom go hand in hand.

The study examining U.S. education concluded that, “teachers who frequently make assignments that require students to think creatively are much more likely than other teachers to observe higher-order cognitive skills in their students”.

The skills include problem-solving, improved critical thinking, ability to make connection between subjects, along with improved retention.

The findings are based on an online, nationally conducted survey of 1,036 K-12 teachers conducted in March 2019. Findings of the survey and subsequent report show, “teachers who combine creativity with assignments that make transformative use of technology see even better student outcomes”.

Transformative technology in this case includes the use of tablets or computers to “create multimedia projects, conduct research, analyze information and create complex projects that cross disciplines”.

The Creativity in Learning reports concludes, that teachers who focus on creative-imaginative learning, use technology to have interactive sessions with students’ and teach using engaging methods often say that students’ in their classroom superior cognitive abilities.

Another factor adding to the positives of the interactive, creative approach to teaching is the support received fro the school environment. Therefore, it can be said that teachers and schools that trying to appropriate engaging teaching methods to their classrooms tend to develop better student-teacher dynamics. This in turns aids the learning process of students.



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