Here Are Five Things You Need To Know About Creativity
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Here Are Five Things You Need To Know About Creativity

Here Are Five Things You Need To Know About Creativity

Creativity can be defined as the ability or tendency to draw or identify novel ideas or possibilities that can help in the resolution of problems, facilitates the exchange of ideas, fosters effective communication and helps in entertaining ourselves as well as others. In order to be creative, one must view things differentl, offering out-of-the-box solutions and perspectives. Creativity does not measure the exact number of alternative ideas or notions proposed by an individual but it quantifies the uniqueness of those alternatives, leading to fundamental changes in the conventional thinking patterns or ways of performing a particular task.

When was the last time you came up with a creative idea? Do they sneak up at times when you are about to sleep or at times when you are caught up in work and lack the time and energy to allow those creative juices flow? Are you in a fix and face difficulties in thinking, dreaming and innovating; setting aside the monotonous and conventional ways of completing things. You are at the right place for here are five things you need to know about creativity and how vital it is to embrace it.

1. Creativity uplifts economic indicators

A creative-digital ecosystem helps in boosting the creative economy which includes fashion, film and design industries. These industries have contributed up to $509 billion to the global economy, leading to the globalization of creative information flow. The more connected the creative economy,  the greater would be the demand to produce quality content and goods for the marketplace.


2. Creativity leads to sustainable environmental milieu

A sharing economy leads to the generation of new creative ideas, giving a much-needed space and exposure to ideas to grow and influence others. They inspire the present as well the future generations to protect the motherland, endorse cultures and celebrate differences, leading to a much sustainable environmental milieu.63671444 ecology friendly energie milieu duurzame concept


3. Some individuals are more creative than their friends and peers

According to Neuroscientist Roger Beaty, while scanning brain activities of people during divergent thinking test, his team found original ideas had a stronger link with creative brain networks. “Our results suggest creative people are better able to co-activate brain networks that usually work separately,” Beaty said, in an exclusive interview to the Conversation. 2 newstudyreve



4. Successful leaders are more creative

According to the findings of an IBM study, released in 2010, creativity was the most important skill in terms of gauging the their performance indicators. Almost 20 percent of managers and leaders chose creativity among the top three leadership traits and were most likely to initiate changes in the business model through innovative practices. The report stated: “To operate more effectively in a volatile environment, creative leaders strongly encourage and experiment with all types of business model innovation.”inmotion creative leadership


5. Creativity is vital for the future of work order

The World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report predicts creativity and ideation as the key skills for the workforce in the coming times. Moreover, these soft skills, along with problem-solving and analytical skills will replace the manual way of performing tasks, leading to automation of the work order in the coming times.Creative Brainstorming Hero


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