CSS Mentor Bilal Pasha Takes His Own Life

CSS Mentor Bilal Pasha Takes His Own Life

CSS Mentor Bilal Pasha

Known for his tutoring, Bilal Ahmed Pasha, the executive officer of Cantonment Board Bannu (CBB) tragically took his own life by shooting himself and was laid to rest on Tuesday. Pasha was famous among the young aspirants looking to join the Civil Services (CSS) for his humble background.

Originally from Abdul Hakeem, a suburb of Kabirwala, Bilal’s death deeply impacted his community. His funeral prayer took place at 10 am in Qaisar Town, Abdul Hakim, where his family, friends, and well-wishers gathered to pay their respects and bid farewell to a man who had a significant influence on the community.

His sudden passing prompted investigations into the circumstances surrounding his death. The District Police Officer (DPO) of Bannu conducted a thorough examination of the scene, indicating preliminarily that it was a case of suicide.

According to reports from the investigation, Mr. Pasha was experiencing domestic disputes, potentially contributing to his stress. His recent transfer from Bannu to Rawalpindi, where his ex-wife holds a significant position, might have added to his tensions. The initial findings by the police suggested that Bilal Pasha suffered a single gunshot wound from a 9mm pistol, resulting in his tragic demise. Post-mortem reports supported the notion of suicide.

Ahmad Yar, the father of Bilal, disclosed that Bilal had been married for a few years but eventually went through a separation. Assistant Commissioner Bannu, Syed Abrar Ali Shah, indicated that Bilal appeared normal and hadn’t shown any visible signs of mental distress before the incident.

Reports from the media have highlighted a gunshot wound on Bilal Pasha’s head. His funeral prayers were held at the Cantonment Board premises before his body was transported to his hometown in Khanewal for burial. Investigations are ongoing as authorities delve deeper into the circumstances surrounding Bilal Pasha’s unexpected demise.

In the midst of this, Ahmad Yar provided details to BBC Urdu about his final interactions with his son, shedding light on the days preceding the tragic incident. Emotionally, he recounted his last conversation with Bilal. “I spoke to Bilal on Saturday, and he mentioned his recent transfer,” he shared. Recollecting their discussion, Ahmad Yar tearfully conveyed, “About eight to 10 days ago, Bilal spoke of contemplating leave to return home and rest upon my insistence.”

Going back over the events before the tragedy, Ahmad Yar described his interactions with his son on Sunday and Monday. “Unexpectedly, during the Fajr prayer on Sunday, Bilal called me. It was unusual, and I was surprised by the timing,” he remembered.

Ahmad Yar further narrated that Bilal had a conversation with a friend, informing them about his trip to Islamabad and offering help if needed. Concern arose when subsequent attempts to contact Bilal were unsuccessful, leading Ahmad Yar to suspect that his son might have fallen asleep.

A day after the sad demise of Bilal Pasha, another student committed suicide in KP after failing to qualify for admission to the Medical College. In a society like Pakistan, where mental health is still considered a taboo topic to be discussed anywhere and our higher educational institutions lack any kind of infrastructure to offer counselling to their students, such incidents should not really shock us. Given the influx in the number of students who face depression, anxiety or are indulging in any addictive behavior, it is about time that we take this seriously and devise policies to counter this pandemic of mental health crisis on  our campuses.

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