DAAD is one of the most generous scholarship programmes in the world. Here's everything you need to know about it.



Is DAAD Scholarship Programme

The German Academic Exchange Service or DAAD (German: Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) is one of the largest Germany-based support organisation working for the advancement of international academic collaboration and cooperation. It was set up January 1, 1925, annulled in 1945, but re-established in 1950. DAAD is a state or federally funded, self-governing organisation that administers institutions of higher education within Germany.

Over the years, DAAD has become a weapon of choice for Pakistani students vying for higher studies in the Germany. The DAAD Scholarship Programme provides assistance to more than 10,000+ international and German scholars and researchers across the globe annually, making the organization one of the largest academic funding organisation operation at the international level. DAAD works with an annual budget of €400 million. There Artists-in-Berlin Program is one of the most famous international scholarship programmes that provides assistance to aspiring artists.

The DAAD offers numerous awards and prizes for outstanding achievements and also awards students who achieve excellence during their stay within Germany. Some of the awards include:

Theodor Berchem Prize

This prize is awarded to students who make efforts for bringing individuals of different cultures together for academic purposes, such as building a network of students from different cultures and promoting mutual reverence.

Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm Prize

The Grimm Young Talents Award is presented to young non-German scholars who are studying German language and literature and have also made noteworthy contributions in the field of teaching as well as research in German language, literature and culture.

Ladislao Mittner Prize

The Ladislao Mittner Prize is awarded to Italian researchers who offer their services or contributions in relation to German-Italian academic exchange.

Some other international awards that Pakistani students aiming  to study in Germany should look forward to include:

  • DAAD Research Grants for Phd-students and post-docs
  • DAAD Scholarships for Medical Doctors
  • DAAD Graduate Programme: Public Policy / Good Governance
  • DAAD Development-Related Postgraduate Courses- Educating Professionals for Sustainable Development
  • DAAD Research Stays for University Academics and Scientists
  • DAAD Re-Invitation Programme for Former Scholarship Holders
  • Leibniz-DAAD Research Fellowships (recent post-docs)
  • DLR-DAAD Research Fellowships in the fields of Space, Aeronautics, Energy and Transportation Research
  • DAAD Graduate School Scholarship Programme

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Does The DAAD Scholarship Take You?

DAAD offers grants to students pursuing higher education in Germany at various academic levels, including graduate, post-graduate and doctoral degree programmes. You can pursue your education in any specialized field being offered by some of the best educational institutions across the German mainland.

DAAD represents 365 higher education institutions in Germany including 100 technical universities, 162 general universities, and 52 colleges. The DAAD itself does not offer study programmes or degree programmes, but offers merit-based grants to competitive and talented scholars and assists them in pursuing education in accredited institutions in Germany. It also offers grants to students and scholars residing in Germany, to study abroad.



Is Eligible For The Scholarship

To apply for the DAAD scholarship programme, the candidate must have a bachelor’s degree that is not more than six years old. DAAD requires two years’ work experience as an essential requisite for applying in post graduate degree courses. The duration of the course should fall in the time-span of more than 12 months and less than 24 months. It also requires good English and German language skills. Students seeking admission for artistic disciplines such as architecture are offered subject-specific prospects.

Besides, students studying in first or second year at any state or state-recognised university in Germany, in their home country or any other country oversees can apply for grants; but their academic achievements must render some services to German academics.



Should you be applying?

Keep a check on the degree programmes you wish to pursue and the relevant admission deadlines. Each university has its own deadlines, but usually take admission in spring (January) and fall (August/September) semesters. These grants and scholarships usually begin in October or earlier, providing students ample time to study a language course before starting their degree programme.



Choose the DAAD Scholarship Programme?

The DAAD Scholarship Programme offers lucrative grants and scholarship prospects to talented students across the world. If you lack the financial backing to pursue higher education either in your country, within Germany and abroad, DAAD can support you and can make your dream come true. The DAAD Scholarship Programme not only sponsors educational opportunities within Germany but can also support you if you wish to study anywhere across the globe, by giving substantial evidences that you will contribute towards the enhancement of German education and academics through your educational endeavours. DAAD is also one of the most generous scholarship programme in the world. If you are granted the scholarship you get numerous benefits and financial assistance, including monthly stipends and/or living allowance of up to €750 for post-graduate students and €1000 Euros for doctoral degree programmes. These scholarships also include health insurance, travelling expenses, fee waiver off and free accommodation at university dormitories. Some other additional benefits include assistance for the payment of university tuition fee, rent subsidies on monthly basis and monthly allowance for accompanying family members if needed.



To Go About It

The Application Procedure

The application procedure is completed through the DAAD Scholarship Programme online portal by filling out the DAAD application form. You can access the application from here. form You are entitled to post two copies of your application in PDF form after completion of the process by post to the required authorities. Access to the portal is available only during the period in which the applications are open and expires after the deadline. The portal opens six weeks priors to the application deadline.

The following process should be followed with diligence to apply for the scholarship programme:

  • Download the application form from the website and fill in your educational and professional credentials carefully.
  • Download the “Europas Specimen form” available at the website and make a hand-signed copy of your CV.
  • Make a hand-signed version of your motivation letter and also mention your current occupation and relevant work experience.
  • Draft a research proposal if the university you are applying for demands it.
  • Acquire a professional work experience letter for your current or former employers.
  • Acquire a guaranteed re-employment letter from your employer stating that you will get work after coming back to your home country (optional).
  • Following English Proficiency letter or IELTS scores are acceptable:
  1. The IELTS band score should be as per the requirements of the university you are applying to. Details are mentioned on official websites.
  2. German language skills are mandatory for seeking admission.
  3. TOEFL Institutional is not acceptable.
  • Look for degree programmes that you wish to study at a German university and apply to the programmes directly.
  • Prepare important or necessary documents required for seeking admission.
  • Apply to university by following their respective standard procedures of application which can be completed either online or through post.


Application Documents

Certificates, documents and translations have to be scanned and uploaded to the DAAD portal. You have to submit the required documents to the DAAD head office in Bonn in hard form. You have to upload the following documents to the DAAD portal, including,

  • The online application form
  • A CV that should be three pages long
  • Personal statement that should be 1-3 pages long
  • Details of the planned study programme and how you can contribute towards the well-being of your home country
  • Admission letter that has to be submitted before the study programme begins
  • Experience letters
  • Evidence for German and English proficiency that should be issued either by a Goethe-Institute or a DAAD-Lecturer, if not than by a German language teacher
  • University degree certificate specifying final grades
  • A reference letter from your university professor mentioning information in relation to your academic achievements and the reasons you should get the scholarship. The letter should be hand-signed and should be sealed in a separate envelope with your application form that is posted by mail

Once you are done with the application process, keep your fingers crossed to wait for a response from DAAD authorities. Hopefully, you will be hearing good news soon.

Viel Glück!

You can download the DAAD 2018-2019 brochure here

DAAD Islamabad Contact

For further information and details about the DAAD and its related programmes, contact the DAAD Information Centre Islamabad, F-7/4, Street 55, House 23.

Phone: +92 (51) 2656-382

E-Mail: director@daad.org.pk

Website: http://ic.daad.de/islamabad/en/



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