Danish Govt Scrambles To Retain Foreign Graduates


 Danish government has vowed to retain international students, through all means possible. The decision came after a study revealed, that 42% international students leave Denmark within two years of graduating. It appears that they Danish govt is scrambling to retain foreign students hence, the need for incisive decision making.

Denmark has become a popular study destination for international students in recent years, but it seems the country cannot charm the students for too long. The Danish government is aiming to rectify the student retention situation because principally, the studies funded mostly by local taxpayers money should bring benefit to the Danish society for al least some period of time.

To ensure international students do not pack-up their bags as soon as they complete their degrees, the government has announced that it will support five new projects.

Funding grants of DKK 500,000 (£57,000) to DKK 1 million (£114,000), will be provided for each of the new research projects.

As per reports, the five projects receiving government support were selected after detailed scrutiny of 16 applications. The project plans are focused on teaching Danish language, use of mentor models, building relationship to the workforce and practice during studies and jobs. .

The Danish government understands the lack of mentor-ship available to international students. And has therefore, decided to support projects that would help the overseas students integrate better in the Danish work market. Official hopes are that the new project will make international students choose Denmark as a long term work residence.

The projects getting official support include, University College Absalon’s Biotech work preparation, University of Copenhagen’s, career management course for international full degree students, career management skills for international students – University of Southern Denmark. Communication, student life and internationalization: The road towards employment through early career encouragement of international students (VIA University College), and Technical University of Denmark’s program for international students to value generation in Danish businesses.


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