As we mark the World Teachers’ Day today, we would like to recall the people who left some of the most significant impressions on our lives. Today, we take a moment to remember:



The Lenient Ones


The Strict Ones

The Easy Ones

The Demanding Ones

The Serious Ones

The Groovy Ones


The Aware Ones

The ‘Don’t care’ Ones

The Quick Ones

The Not- So-Quick Ones

The Experimental Ones

The Lost Ones

The Grumpy Ones

The Sleepy Ones

The ‘Always-losing-it’ Ones

The ‘You Can Do it’ Ones

The Sarcastic Ones


And thousands of other unique souls that have shaped the lives of millions around the world for the better. We offer a big thanks to all teachers who are helping novice minds blossom into trailblazers of tomorrow.

We appreciate. We are grateful.

Thank you.



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