Degree show 2021 kicks off at NCA


Lahore: The National College of Arts (NCA) inaugurated the 20th Annual Degree Show of its Master of Visual Art Program at Tollinton Block here on Friday.

The opening ceremony was inaugurated by Vice Chancellor NCA Prof Dr Murtaza Jafri who is also the director of the Master of Visual Art program. There was a great turn out of the visitors at the event together with faculty, alumni, and students as they showed a keen interest in the works put up by the students. This year as well the department proudly presented its batch of 13 students. The degree Show had an exciting blend of innovative ideas and brought unique meanings to light.

VC Prof Dr Murtaza Jafri appreciated the diligent efforts of the students and was of the view that this kind of work requires not only physical but cerebral toil as well. As the MA program encourages an inquiry into theory and practice, it enables students to find a nexus between both approaches throughout a period of two years. The degree show comprised of the works by FakhraAsif, Hina Fatima, Imran Ahmed, Maria Yasin, Muhammad Asad Gulzar, Rabeya Ilyas, Sana Saeed, Shahina, Tariq Ali, Ufaq Altaf, Zunaira Sultan, and Zainab Aziz who explored varied mediums in their respective practices.

The Show will continue till 6th February 2022.

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