The core committee of All Pakistan universities BPS Teachers (APUBTA) has expressed its great concern over the delay in the circulation of the revised draft of BPS appointment and promotion statutes.

The joint committee has revised the said draft statutes and it was decided in an agreement with HEC and APUBTA that the same shall be uploaded for comments of all stakeholders on the HEC website not later than November 3, but unfortunately, it is delayed that has created a situation of confusion among the BPS teachers. The faculty is insisting on resuming the strike that was postponed due to the signed and notified agreement. It is to mention that only the universities BPS faculty is deprived of the legitimate rights of promotion though the same is granted in HEC ordinance 2002.

Amazingly, the same right is available to all other employees working under the same ordinance and to all government employees across the globe. In this situation, The ABPUTA core committee has been left with no other option, but to resume the postponed call for protest in front of HEC soon after the deadline for approval of statutes by the Commission on December 1, 2021, if the target is not achieved.

The Core Committee decided that the strike shall then be continued until the fundamental right is approved and implemented by the HEC in universities. It is further decided that the discriminatory behavior of HEC is no more tolerable as nothing is valuable than the due right of seniority with backdating financial benefits.

It is further narrated by the committee that government must take notice of the same otherwise HEC shall be responsible for any mishaps during strikes by the BPS faculty across the country.

Dr. Sami ur Rahman, president APUBTA has issued a reminder and made several calls for strictly following the notified schedule but no action is seen so far.

The stress for a continuous strike of the faculty can no more be stopped for long as the situation in all the public sector is extremely ruined by the discriminatory seniority and promotion of various groups by the HEC.


  1. Dr. M. Inam ul Haq Reply

    HECs discriminatory attitude towards BPS faculty is unacceptable.

  2. Dr. Shabana Naz Reply

    Timely promotion of the university teachers is the fundamental right which has been denied not only by the universities admistration but also by the HEC itself. This is high time that the BPS teaching faculty should rise to ensure all their due rights. BPS employees due rights violation is no more tolerable.

  3. HEC has to revamp it’s understanding and approach toward university faculty. Unwise push for ” number of publications has already started damaging scientific ethics with no significant contribution to science or knowledge creation

  4. At present there is no statue for BPS faculty in the country. The govt. claims to have promotion criteria for BPS in universities however, in contrary to govt. colleges, there is no promotion criteria. Whenever a faculty member qualifies for next cadre, he/she has to appear in selection board a fresh. When a new selection board is necessary, then where is promotion? In short, there is dire need of development of statues for the university faculty.

  5. Time Scaled promotion from backdate.
    Seniority has also become another issue for BPS FACULTY serving in the same Department/Faculty/University

  6. Dr. Muhammad Atif Nawaz Reply

    Excellent representation of the thoughts of BPS faculty. The strike call can no more be postponed if HEC will not take our issues serious. In my opinion, HEC is least interested in augmenting the higher education in Pakistan.

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