Dhaka fall: need to learn from history: PU VC

Dhaka fall: need to learn from history: PU VC

Dhaka fall: need to learn from history: PU VC

LAHORE: PU Vice Chancellor Prof Niaz Ahmad has stressed the need to learn from history and said that today’s Pakistan is much stronger than the past’s due to our Army. He was addressing the seminar organized by the Institute of Islamic Studies (IIS).

Eminent analyst Orya Mabqool Jan, Dean Faculty of Islamic Studes Prof Dr Muhammad Hammad Lakhvi, Chaimain Department of History Prof Dr Mahboob Hussain, Director IIS Prof Dr Shahida Parveen, Hafiz Dr Muhammad Munir Al Azhari from UK, faculty members and a large number of students participated in the seminar.

Addressing the seminar, Prof Niaz Ahmad said that we must be vigilant on the conspiracies of our enemies. He said that the APS incident also happened on December 16, which was an attempt to demoralize our nation. However, the whole nation stood united, he added. He was of the view that now Pakistan and Bangladesh should enhance bilateral relations as the people of both the countries have good feelings for each other. He said that such talk shows should be aired on TV channels which could contribute towards national development.

 Orya Maqbool Jan said that Quaid Azam’s January 25, 1948 speech was proof that he was not a secular. He said that Pakistan’s bureaucracy and politics were the gift of British rulers. He said that 250 million Muslims living in India did not have an independent atmosphere. He said that the movement of Bangladeshi language was the foundation stone of the division. He said that Bangladesh deviated from the ideology of Pakistan.

Prof Dr Hammad Lakhvi said that we need to present the true side of history so that we could correct ourselves. He said that the Muslims were defeated only when there were traitors inside.

Dr Mahboob Hussain said that Quaid Azam had constituted a committee of human rights on August 12, 1947. He said that Pakistan’s Parliament faced problems since its inception. He said that we must resolve our issues through dialogue.

Dr Hafiz Muhammad Muneer Al Azhari in his online address said that intolerance, training, lack of moral values and education led to Dhaka Fall. He said that it was the responsibility of the parents, teachers, rulers, mosques and media to guide and train the nation. Dr Shahida Parveen said that Pakistan was our home and we must protect it. She said that the Pakistan Army was making sacrifices to safeguard the country.

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