There are multiple terms that are utilized in the legal profession, which include advocates, lawyers, attorneys, barristers, etc. At times people find it difficult to differentiate between the terms, especially that outside of this occupation and they end up being confused. Similarly, many people often get confused between lawyers and attorneys, many people think these are the same, well but the truth is there is a huge difference between lawyers and advocates. If you are confused about the difference between lawyers and advocates, then you have landed on the right page in this article we have discussed the difference between lawyers and advocates. So, read on to find out more about the difference between lawyers and advocates.

Who is a lawyer?

An individual who is still pursuing an LLB/ law is known as a lawyer. This person can be admitted to the legal profession to stand for their clients in the law court. Anyone who possesses a law degree is known to be a lawyer.

Who is an advocate?

An advocate is an individual within the legal profession who also possesses a law degree. Advocate also stands for their clients in the court of law. Advocates offer their clients pleading in attempts to help them win their cases or stay clear of jail terms.
In other terms, all advocates are lawyers but not all lawyers are advocates.

What are the differences between an advocate and a lawyer?

1. Tasks and duties of advocates and lawyers

Advocate has more work experience and expertise in all legal matters as they are involved in representing their clients in the courtroom, and they also plead on behalf of the clients. An advocate is also obliged with the duty of talking in support of the client in the courtroom while also at the same time inquiring and asking questions from the opposing side. Whereas a lawyer doesn’t mostly represent their clients in the courtroom. Lawyers mostly only provide lawful advice to clients.

2. Explanation of an advocate and a lawyer

Advocate is a term that is mainly used to refer to a person who stands for their clients in the courtrooms to plead for a release or any settlement depending on the situation. But on the other hand, a lawyer is someone studying for a law degree or one who possesses a regulation degree. The term lawyer is a general term that is more often used to represent anyone in the legal profession.

3. Admissions to the bar

Not all lawyers are eligible to be allowed to represent their clients in the courtroom, but all the advocates are eligible to represent the clients in the law court in various cases. The main reason behind this is that the word lawyer is basically used to cover a vast range of people who are studying or have already graduated with a law degree. All advocates are certified and allowed in the bar to represent the clients.

4. The huge difference in the charges

The fees of an advocate are much higher than the fees of a lawyer. The fees of an advocate are high because they are highly educated, experienced, as well as knowledgeable in dealing with all kinds of lawful matters. But on the other hand, the fees and compensation of a lawyer are much lower because they don’t have enough experience to prosecute legal matters.

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    Thank you for educating me but up till now i don`t really understand the defferences between an ADVOCATE and a LAWYER.GOD bless you sir

    February 9, 2023

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