Difference between O level and Matric in Pakistan


Difference between O level and Matric

To make this decision easy for students, we have gathered up some information on the main difference between O level and matric.

The most common debate regarding the two different educational frameworks, Matric and O’Levels, is endless. With these two major educational frameworks, it gets difficult for the 8th-grade students to decide which one to go for. This is only because of the lack of knowledge about O’Levels and Matric; many people are unaware of it.

Quality of education

The most notable difference between the two educational systems. While O’Levels syllabus is known to be comprehensive and concept based, the courses are tough, and students are prepared for the practical world. While the matric system is pretty much the same as it was several years ago, the syllabus is repeated. The main issue is that the matric examination system focuses on rote learning rather than providing a concept building for the students.

Globally known

O’Levels is recognized globally, meaning if a student wants to go abroad for further studies, he will not face any difficulties in getting admission. O’Levels’ learning is much more superior due to its international standards. However, the matric students face difficulties while applying for further education in foreign cities as it is a local certificate designed by the local board in Pakistan.

Grading systems

The grading system is completely different. The grading system of O’Levels is much simpler as compared to matric. Grades varying from A* to E, are awarded in O’Levels. Whereas the grading system in matric is still based on the outdated system of percentages and numbers.

Examination Fee

As O’Levels is an international, UK based educational system, it is very expensive as compared to the local education system of Pakistan. Many people find it difficult to afford the O’Level education system. The examination of O’Level is high as it costs around £61.77 per subject which means a total £555 all the subjects.


In the matric system examinations are held once a year which mean if a student has bad grades, he must wait for a whole year to retake the exams and improve his grades. But in O’Levels the exams are conducted biannually, once in May/June and then later in October/November. This means if a student wants to improve their grades, he can retake the exam within the span of five months.

Examination patterns

O’Levels tests the basic concepts of the students, it aims to build logical thinking, problem-solving techniques and practical skills among students. O’Levels has about two-three papers of only a single subject. However, in matirc system students take a single exam that too in Urdu language but in O’Levels students opt for exams that are only held in English.

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