The Director-General of the Registrar Directorate of Inspection & Registration of Private Institutions Sind on Saturday allowed the administrators of the Harracks School to reopen the school as hidden cameras were found in its washrooms on November 5.

Later on the instructions of DG DIRPIS, the assistant commissioner of Gulzar-e-Hijri had sealed the school. Also, the Federal Investigation Agency conducted an inquiry to probe the matter. The directorate later imposed a fine of Rs 50 thousand against the school owners. And issued a last warning to the school management instructing not to install on-campus cameras.

On Saturday, the directorate also received around 400 applications from the parents of students enrolled in the school. According to the press statement issued by the DIRPIS officials, the school owners met the DG and requested the reopening of the school.

The DG instructed the administration of the school to immediately remove all the cameras installed in the washroom area. He also imposed a penalty of Rs 50 thousand on the management and directed to pay the salaries of all teachers. After the compliance and submission of an affidavit, the DG allowed the school management to restart classes and make sure that such incidents won’t happen again.


Arshad Yousafzai is a Karachi-based journalist covering Education and Human Rights. He can be reached on Twitter @Arshadyousafzay

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