All Pakistan Private Schools Federation’s President Kashif Mirza has demanded the Sindh government to take strict disciplinary action against the responsible for mismanagement in the Sindh matric exams.

Delay in the issuance of center sheets, substandard examination centers, ghost CCOs, change of centers, and external interference are the main reasons for the mismanagement of examinations. Letters from all CCOs should be canceled and the number of examination centers should be increased.

Mirza said that examination centers and lists should be clearly published while ad-hocism in Sindh education boards should be abolished. The vacant key posts such of chairmen, secretaries, and controllers should be appointed on merit so that they could conduct transparent exams.

He said that the late delivery and distribution of question papers expose lapses in the education ministry’s administration. The students were using mobile phones openly during the exam and solved papers which were already shared on social media.

He said that law enforcement agencies should enforce Section 144 on all examination centres, to stop external interference.

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