Diversity and Social Inclusion in Pakistan


1st International Conference on Diversity and Social Inclusion, A Way Forward for Institutional Reforms kicked off at University of Management and Technology (UMT) on Monday by WILL.

Opening session was addressed by Senator Raza Rabbani, MNA Nafisa Shah, Chairperson Women Institute of Learning Leadership (WILL) Mariam Nur Murad and scholar Dr Arida Syeda Zahra.

Senator Raza Rabbani said that ordinary man on street is vulnerable victim in Pakistan. He added that in Baluchistan man and animal drink from same water. Currently there are many people under attack. People who wants to change the system are under attack, he said.

Raza observed that media and students are also under attack now days and if the students gather on the mall road, they are subjected as anti-terror charges. Under attack are those segments of society who seek to change the world, he said.

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Senator further added, “I own that all political parties have been victim of corporate culture so they failed to provide leadership. The way state ended resistance culture it’s condemn-able.”

Dr Arifa Syeda Zahra said that diversity is opposite to difference. Being diverse is being political, she said. Dr Arifa also said that tolerance has become an obsolete thing in Pakistan without which we cannot cherish diversity. It’s easy to be ignorant but it takes a lot of hard work requires to be stupid, common sense is basic ingredient of diversity.

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