Does University Life Scare You Too??


The first day at the university! Alone…tense….apprehensive…alienated?

Yes, it does happen to almost everyone of us. Transition from high school or college to a big university, from a bunch of known people to thousands of unknown faces, from the comfort of a well-known premises to a sprawling campus where each day is a battle for survival is rather a daunting experience.

People often share lovely stories of the time they spent at university and the great time they had with friends there. Still there always remain a few who heave a sigh of relief once they are done with university life. “University was a nightmare, thank God it’s over,” they are often heard saying.

So, if university life is such a scary experience why and how can people have such great memories of it? Do you think they are all liars? No! They are not liars at all. They indeed had a great time gaining a host of experiences and developing life skills, like the groomed personality they always dreamed of, the confidence they always wished for, the learning they can now pass on to young ones, the memories they can keep forever and the laughter they will remember always. But most of all, students cherish the courage with which they faced hard times and discovered their own selves and strengths to become who they are today, successful.

So, how does the scary university time suddenly change to a memorable one? Is there a magic spell that turns a scary monster into a cuddly, cute bunny? Not at all. This journey from apprehension to cherishing the university life is one that requires courage, self-exploration, and a conscious effort of becoming self-sufficient.

As a fresh student, I struggled to adjust to the life at university and by the end of first semester, I wanted to leave and never return to the campus, ever again. But a few month on, I have adjusted well and almost know everyone at the university. Now the mere thought of leaving the university makes me weak in the knees. So how does something that scares you to death become a thing of adoration all at once. Is it a case of becoming a creature of habit, learning to compromise or learning to make my way through the initial fears? The answer is, a bit of all. It began with the resolve that “if everyone can do it, I can too”, and immense support from my family and friends who gave me time to adjust, unconditional regard and helped me discover my true self.

The key of success in the university life is not to let anyone make you scared by their talk, behavior or actions. Try to find and always stay with people who make you feel good about yourself. Don’t trust anyone more than they need to be trusted, try to steer clear of qualms and quarrels that do not require your input, and focus on your own self. I do not mean being selfish when I say focusing on yourself, what I mean is to not comparing yourself to others, either academically or non-academically, and just focus on your own personal growth and do the best what you can.

Every one of us has his or her own set of skills and talents and each individual is unique, so comparisons will just increase your stress and make you feel bad. So, give everything you do your best shot and feel content with your efforts.

Also, I suggest you to not lend a serious ear to the grapevines that go around. It’s one thing to listen to other’s experiences and be cautious, but do not make prior assumption based on other’s take on things, as your own experiences could be entirely different from what other say about a thing or a person. Follow these little things if you may and you will feel a big difference.

May you have best journey of learning and building great memories of your university life. Best of luck!


University Life Scare

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