Dr Mohid Iftikhar of CISSS explains Pakistan’s correct strategic perspective


Dr Mohid Iftikhar, Director of Research at the Center for International Strategic Studies Sindh (CISSS) explained at an introductory outreach at Hamdard University that it was vital to explain Pakistan’s correct strategic perspective.

He emphasized that CISSS focuses on high-quality research as well as connecting with the people of Sindh and beyond to raise awareness on strategic issues, peaceful purposes of nuclear technology such as energy, health and agriculture and development issues in Sindh. Dr Mohid Iftikhar informed the audience that Pakistan has over 50 years of experience in nuclear power generation. In relation to emerging challenges from climate change and geopolitical conflicts, nuclear energy is a promising choice.

For instance, it was emphasized that it is important for academics and policy experts to explore how nuclear energy may help tap the Electric Vehicle (EV) market. The Speaker was positive about exploring collaboration opportunities such as research, conferences and seminars with Hamdard University in areas of nuclear energy, agriculture, health and other pressing issues.

Research Officers Iraj Abid and Farzana Wahid Buksh explained to the audience that CISSS seeks to inform about Pakistan’s achievements in the peaceful uses of technology and work on educating people about challenges related to hybrid warfare.

Vice-Chancellor Hamdard University Professor Dr Shabib Ul Hasan welcomed Team CISSS and appreciated the establishment of the first-ever think tank in Sindh. He said that founding a research institute is the first step in the right direction of resolving different issues faced by our country. He said that collaboration between the two entities will be mutually beneficial and the faculty and students of the University will be delighted to cooperate in research in the fields of energy, health, agriculture and engineering.

The Registrar, Prof Dr Kaleem Ahmad Ghayas noted that the research must be followed by implementation of the recommendations, while the Dean of Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology, Dr Amir Saleem said that the experts and academia can play their role by conducting quality research in their respective fields.

Meritorious Professor Dr Ghasala Rizwani noted that nuclear technology has a very important role in the agriculture industry such as the production and protection of agricultural products. Professor Dr Shamim Akhter Dean of faculty of pharmacy underscored that nuclear technology has a vital role in the pharmaceutical field and needs to be utilized to its full potential.

Finally, at the end of the meeting souvenirs were exchanged between both sides.

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