DUET takes action against students for misconduct

DUET takes action against students for misconduct

DUET action against misconduct

The administration of Dawood University of Engineering and Technology (DUET) Karachi has responded firmly to a recent misconduct incident and taken strong action against twelve students who disrupted the Vice Chancellor’s address to faculty members on July 5, 2023.

During the Vice-Chancellor’s address in the university’s auditorium, a group of students forcibly entered, pushing aside the guards, and proceeded to harass the Vice-Chancellor and the faculty members in attendance. Despite efforts to intervene, the students defiantly occupied seats and displayed disrespectful behavior towards senior officials such as Pro-Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Abdul Waheed Bhutto, Director Student Affairs Dr Sikandar Ali Abbasi, Dean Faculty of Engineering Dr Zeeshan Ali Memon, Controller of Examination Dr Rashid Mustafa Korai, as well as various chairpersons and faculty members.

Notably, no security personnel took any physical action against them. Among these students who forcefully entered, some have a history of disciplinary actions for misconduct, including physical assaults on other students and violations of the code of conduct due to their unruly behavior. It is evident that their aim was to instill fear in the Vice-Chancellor and the faculty members, demonstrating their political influence.

Throughout this entire incident, as well as prior to it, there has been no discussion or consideration regarding fees, and no increase in fees has been implemented for any currently enrolled student at Dawood University of Engineering and Technology.

The disruptive behavior of the students is a clear violation of the Students Conduct and Discipline Regulations, as well as the Affidavit they submitted during admission. Clause 9 of the Affidavit states that students must refrain from engaging in any political or subversive activities that could disrupt the academic atmosphere of the university or tarnish its reputation. Additionally, Clause 12 states that the Vice Chancellor has the authority to reject student applications, cancel admissions, or withdraw admissions without providing any reason.

Following the identification of the students involved in the incident by the faculty members present in the auditorium, the Vice Chancellor, upon the request of the faculty, made the decision to cancel the admission of all twelve students.

Furthermore, an immediate ban on their entry into the university premises has been imposed. This action has been officially communicated through a notification issued by Prof. Dr. Syed Asif Ali Shah, the university’s Registrar.

  1. Muhammad Haseeb, Roll No. D-20F-EE-05
  2. Hasnain Mehdi, Roll No. D-19F-CS-41
  3. Azan Shaikh, Roll No. D-21F-ES-43
  4. Shaikh Ammar, Roll No. D-21F-ES-25
  5. Muhammad Shahbaz, Roll No. D-20F-CS-15
  6. Muhammad Kabeer, Roll No. D-21F-CH-44
  7. Sheeraz Yousif, Roll No. D-22F-CS-44
  8. Muhammad Fahad, Roll No. D-22F-IN-18
  9. Danial Malik, Roll No. D-21F-CH-70
  10. Muhammad Faizan, Roll No. D-21F-CH-49
  11. Zohaib Ahmed Khan, Roll No. D-21F-EE-38
  12. Jahangir, Roll No. D-20F-BSM-16

The measures taken against the students demonstrate the university’s dedication to preserving a peaceful and supportive learning environment for both students and faculty members. Acts of misconduct like these will not be tolerated, as the administration remains resolute in upholding values of discipline and academic excellence.

The Dawood University of Engineering and Technology anticipates that this decisive action will discourage any future occurrences of similar nature, emphasizing its commitment to fostering a secure and respectful learning environment for all individuals involved.

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