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Portrait of Depressed School boy

Summer Time Sadness

Summer vacations were a great way for kids to engage in activities that busy school calendars otherwise did not permit being pursued. Summer schools offered a myriad opportunities for learning; French, computer skills, swimming lessons, music classes and whatnot.

Author: M Azam Mahoomd Butt


Putting The Science Back In A Political Science Degree

Dr Ryan Brasher joined Forman Christian College University at a time when foreigners were not willing to even consider a work opportunity in Pakistan. Since his arrival, he has initiated a truly modern MPhil Political Science programme and is now heading the FCCU Department of Political Science as its chairperson. 

Author: Aisha Saeed


Has Pakistan Really Seen A Surge In Education Funding?

The next financial year is about to start and from the looks of things, education might get a budgetary slash this year. Looking back at the last 5 fiscal years might shed some light on the direction and trajectory of education financing, at all levels, for the sector as well as show the priorities and the neglected areas of the education sector.

Author: Ammar Sheikh

Education Minister Interview for Academia Mag

Getting Education In Sindh On The Right Track

Sindh Education Minister Sardar Ali Shah plans to introduce concrete reforms that bring education in the province at par with the best public schooling systems in the world. He talks to Arshad Yousafzai about the challenges that are impeding progress on his plans.

Author: Arshad Yousaf Zai


Bradford University: Remaining Relevant In A Changing World

Widely acknowledged as an authority on materials manufacturing, Brian Cantor is now heading the University of Bradford as its vice chancellor. Emanuel Sarfraz got in touch with him to find out if Bradford still has what it takes to thrive in the global educational landscape. 

Author: Emanuel Sarfraz


With A Little Help From My Friends….

Dr Amjad Saqib is the force behind one of the most impressive and successful private micro finance projects ever run in Pakistan. He has helped transform the lives of millions across the country through financial empowerment and has now turned his focus on education. Arsalan Haider talks to the man to find out what he has been up to recently.

Author: Arslan Haider


Benefits Of Having Healthy Breakfast For Students

For young people having a nutritious breakfast is so much essential. A Latest study done by Australian Bureau of Statistics on a group of students has found that skipping breakfast can decrease the efficiency of remembering in class up to 50%.

Author: Hammad Anwar



The annual QS rankings are among the few international rankings that are looked up to by students, education experts, academicians and industry professional alike as a reliable source for understanding universities and their place on the global educational scenario.

Author: Khadijha Tariq


It’s Time We Take Pride In Our Local Languages

Many Pakistanis have shunned the use of their mother tongue for fear of being called backward and dubbed ‘jaahil’ by their peers. This could soon turn into a catastrophe for Pakistan’s diverse culture, as abandoning your native language is akin to abandoning who you are, writes Naureen Nazar

Author: Naureen Nazar

echnology (academiamag)

Ed-Tech Inventions

Education is increasingly becoming high tech as it is enhancing teaching beyond traditional ways of learning. Teachers, learners, and education systems must keep pace with the latest technology trends that are directly impacting education and learning systems. Doubtlessly technology trends are working as driving force in the education sector and opening up many new gates for what lies ahead.

Author: Hammad Anwar


Top Five Universities To Study Mechatronics Engineering In Pakistan

Mechatronics is a widely popular and emerging discipline of engineering and technology. It is multidisciplinary branch of engineering that deals with electrical and mechanical systems, including a variety of electronics, robotics, control, telecommunication and product engineering


When Gold Rusts

Incompetence and the decisions taken by the incompetent have far reaching effects. Inconsistent policies, makeshift vice chancellors and HEC’s unwise actions have caused much damage to Pakistan’s oldest seat of higher learning – Punjab University — writes Dr Shaukat Mahmood.

Author: Dr Shaukat Mahmood


Universities A Mirror Image Of Pakistani Society

Muhammad Jibran Nasir is one of the most fearless and outspoken young social activists the country has seen for some time. He does not shy away from voicing his opinion on most matters that are Pakistani, earning him a huge fan base largely made up of the country’s youth.

Author: Khadijha Tariq


Hell Or High Water

The environmental odds are increasingly turning against Pakistan. Time is running out for the country and the nation as a whole must get serious about making atonement for the damage we have caused to nature around us, writes Syed Muhammad Abubakar.

Author: Syed Muhammad Abubakar

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