Ed-Tech Trends That Will Define 2020

Ed-Tech Trends That Will Define 2020

Ed-Tech Trends 2020

There are countless reasons why technology is key, if we want to equip our youth for tomorrow with best knowledge. From complex algorithm based solutions to simple day to day performer apps, information technology is everywhere.

More and more educational institutions are adopting Ed-tech, as this amazing combination of education and technology has transformed campus culture like never before. However, lot of schools are still using “Factory Education Method,” invented by the Prussians long ago but there are also large number of institution that are using Ed-tech up to its full extent.

Ed-tech is changing traditional learning, and a quick hop on the bandwagon will  definitely open up new learning avenues for students of all ages, while endorsing teamwork in the classroom.

With the use of Ed-tech our classrooms will become more innovative, assignments  more creative based on personalized learning, complex concepts can be learned with the aid of VR & AR, and  with predictive analytics softwares onboard in educational institutes we can reduce drop rate as well.

Here are some Ed-tech trends that will slowly, yet steadily revamp the future of education and everyone in education industry should know.

Academia Industry collaboration:

Ed-tech is closely working on providing a platform where industry and education sector work together for the betterment of how we learn and teach today.  With the help of technology institutes and businesses can collaborate in future to achieve highly skilled workforce that will fulfill the needs of ever emerging global competitive environments.

AI based Chat-Bots:

Very few education institutes are using AI based chat-bots at this very moment but due to its ultimate benefits this technique will definitely change the world in more ways than we can imagine and lead the Ed-tech world in 2020.   Teaching, learning and giving feedback can become more engaging and authentic with chat-bots in near future so early adapters will unquestionably get the benefit,

VR & AR Gamification:

AR and VR is in great demand in all industries including education. VR & AR guided apps are changing the way how we teach complex concepts, and opens a new realm of potentials for personalized learning. Experts believe that VR & AR based apps are the biggest Ed-tech trend in 2020, as they will substitute teaching & learning complex concepts where books might not be enough to retain attention.

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