The Punjab government is working on concrete strategies to implement education reforms in Punjab under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan, Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar has said. The Punjab chief minister added that education reforms introduced by the government would have far reaching effects and would form the basis of Naya Pakistan.

According to a handout issued on Sunday, Buzdar said his government was providing every resource needed to provide better facilities to students and further the cause of quality education in Punjab. He said the Punjab government was cognizant of the fact that an improved educational environment was the government’s responsibility and ‘revolutionary’ steps were being taken in this regard.

The government will ensure the provision of basic facilities at all schools and necessary funds have been allocated to fulfill the requirements.

Punjab CM Sardar Usman Buzdar


He said the reforms being planned and implemented by the provincial government would make the youth independent in their endeavors. Buzdar said the development of country was only possible if the youth were equipped with the latest knowledge. The chief minister said his government would ensure the provision of basic facilities at all schools and necessary funds had been allocated to fulfill the requirements.

Highlighting the importance of vocational education, Buzdar added that the youth was a precious assets and their skills needed to be enhanced through vocational education and training, adding that it was the need of the hour. “Importance of professional and vocational education has been extolled now and we will promote it among our youths. Knowledge is not a legacy of anyone, but an ornament whose access is the right of everyone,” he said.

The chief minister said it was education that made nations progress and was the only way to tackle issues like poverty, ignorance and unemployment.

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