Improving your studying habits can be great in order to get good grades. We often find students struggling to study. The key to becoming an effective student is learning how to study smarter, not harder. It is important to form good study skills so that you don’t fall behind when faced with challenging, time-consuming readings, homework, assignments, projects and exams. In this article, we have listed a few effective strategies that will help to improve study habits. Make these study habits a part of your regular routine and see the results.

1. Find a good studying spot

This is one of the most important strategies. Students need to be in an environment with little to no distractions. Such an environment will help you in focusing on your studies. It is always a good idea to find a spot where you feel comfortable and inspired to dive into your studies. Give it some thought and try out new different places, the sooner you find the right spot, you will be able to study effectively.

2. Keeping track of important dates and deadlines

You must always write down due dates for exams, projects and assignment deadlines in your study planner. Keeping track of what you need to study can help you stay ahead of crucial projects and develop good study habits. By doing this, you can get ahead of your upcoming assignments by checking your planner daily or on a weekly basis.

3. Review notes after class

Taking notes during the class is what most students do but do you take the time to review those notes after your lecture? If not, then make it a habit of always going through your notes after all your lectures. This will help you improve your memory and can help you in an effective way to learn all the material taught in the class.

4. Stay away from your phone

Try to switch off your phone while studying because this will surely help you pay attention, understand better and get your work done faster. If it helps, try to put your phone out of sight so you are not tempted to check your messages.

5. Join a study group

Studying on your own might work well for many subjects, but it might be easier to learn the material with your classmates. Finding fellow students who are also struggling to understand the course might be too comforting. However, joining a study group is all about teamwork, it is all about helping each other to succeed. Also, you may find a bunch of new friends in a study group.

6. Take plenty of breaks and take care of yourself

Mostly students need breaks between subjects to freshen up their minds. Stick to a break schedule of maximum 15 to 20 minutes. Taking active short breaks is a great way to keep your energy level up and you will be at your most productive form. Remember to stay hydrated, indulge in physical activities like exercising, eat well and have plenty of sleep. Don’t reward yourself with a lot of junk food or push yourself to study all night long. These could take a toll on your health. Remember, you will study better only if you take care of yourself.

7. Ask for Help

Everyone needs help at some point, it is always better to reach out before it’s too late or you will probably fall behind. It is normal to find a course challenging at times, but don’t feel like you must face it alone. Feel free to reach out to your professors if you don’t understand the subject and need extra guidance.

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