Eight exam types that we all have in our bachelor’s degree


We see a lot of things in a four years degree. Friends, classmates, and teachers, we learn and have fun through all of them. There is also an exam period that students usually hate. But when you are past that phase, it also becomes fun. Here are some types of exams that we all have in our degrees. 

The balanced type

The best exam type is the one that has balanced questions. It has both objective and subjective type questions that are of average difficulty level. Moreover, these are the exams that can be completed on time easily. All of us have been lucky enough to have at least one professor who makes such exams. They are not like the professors who make exams merely to show that they are tough teachers.

Long questions-based exams

Long questions-based exams are not the favorite of everyone. First, such exams are so hard to be completed on time. Secondly, when you see someone asking for more sheets, you ultimately start thinking that you are performing less than them. And thirdly, the criteria of evaluation become highly subjective for the teacher. However, most of the students don’t like these exams for the first two reasons. Well, if you are a student who just has a general idea about every topic and does not know the minute details, subjective exams might be your favorite. 

The objective-based exams

There are two opinions for objective exams and both are equally popular. The students who have prepared all the syllabus completely and have memorized all the important concepts like this type of exam. They can solve such an exam very quickly because it does not need to write long answers. On the other hand, for the students who do not go into the details of the syllabus and don’t believe in memorizing facts and figures, this is not a suitable type. So, they hate solving such exams. 

The exams that are out of the syllabus 

All of us have had exams that were not from the syllabus. Usually, the unconcerned professors make such exams. They don’t care if they have taught those topics to their class or not. Sometimes, in the pursuit of making difficult exams, they include questions that students have no idea about. If you ever get such a paper, just bear with the whole class because your teacher doesn’t care.  

The exams that can never be done on time 

Some teachers like to make exams that can never be done on time. They include long and difficult questions that they know need more than the given time. When you go out of your exam room and tell others about the difficulty level of the exam, these teachers feel fulfilled. They just like to unreasonably challenge their students. 

The exams that have covered every inch of the syllabus

Students mostly do not prepare the whole syllabus. They leave unimportant chapters or sometimes the difficult ones. But there is this teacher who will include every inch of the syllabus into your paper. They will adjust every piece of information and every topic through different questions in the exams. For such a teacher, never leave even a single topic if you want to score well.  

The exam that is only from two chapters of the book

Unlike the above type of exams, some teachers will make the whole paper from only one or two chapters. Students, after taking such an exam, always wish they had not prepared the whole book. There can be two extremes in such an exam. In one case, you have prepared only those chapters and in the other extreme, if you are unlucky, you might have left only those or one of those chapters. 

The exams that no one knows in the class 

It is such a hard time when you don’t know anything about the exam. But sometimes, the question paper is so out of the syllabus and difficult that no one in the class knows how to solve these questions. The trauma when shared with the whole class sometimes becomes fun. This exam will definitely affect your CGPA but at the moment, it is not very hard to get through it because everyone is a part.   

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