Interesting Things to Learn in Psychology


Interesting Things to Learn in Psychology

Being a psychology student in Pakistan is not easy. You have to justify your profession, explain your roles, and defend yourself when people tell you rumors about your work. Moreover, it is also about discovering realities about your life that you had no idea about. This is how life is for a psychology student and a professional. Taking them as fun is the easiest way to deal with them. So, here are a few fun and Interesting Things to Learn in Psychology.  

Most of the mental health terminologies people use are actually not right

We often use different terminologies in our daily lives. For example, ‘ego,’ ‘depression,’ and ‘psyche.’ During the degree, the psychology students realize that most of them do not carry the meaning that people think. They are totally different and using them so casually is not right.

You cannot call anyone a bad person in the world

We have to call people who are not kind or are criminals as the bad characters of society. At least saying this does some of our catharsis. But the psychology students are that miserable group of people who cannot think like this even about a criminal. The reason is, they have studied so much about the mental state that they understand a justifiable reason behind every behavior. 

You can no longer share secrets 

Sharing a big secret is so important in order to feel light. Of course, that is a secret but you have to tell that to at least your best friend. Studying ethics in Psychology, you get to know that it is your foremost responsibility to take care of your client’s confidentiality. So, you will listen to big stories but your profession will not allow you to share them with anyone.  

Statistics is more important than any other theoretical subject

You think Psychology has nothing to do with subjects like mathematics or statistics, right? Well, the case is very different. To say statistics is one of the most important subjects of Psychology will not be wrong. So, get ready to solve complex mathematical problems again in your life.

Psychology jokes can never be light; they are always dark 

Jokes are to laugh about. You laugh hard at psychology jokes too but the only difference is you can be in an existential crisis after reading them. Yes, Psychology jokes are always dark and you learn it with time. This is your life now. 

People will call you ‘psycho’ and you cannot mind

By ‘psycho,’ people mean mentally sick. Well, this is also what it actually means but people will never know the gravity of its meaning. However, they will call you psycho because you are a student of such a bizarre subject. You will listen to such remarks and learn to not mind about them. 

You will need to counsel everyone no matter what expertise you have

If you are a psychology student, people will come to you to discuss their life problems (not as clients) and you will have to counsel them. Psychology has different branches and not all of them deal with counseling and therapy. But no matter what are you studying, you will have to give counseling to a lot of people from time to time. 

There will be a lot of rumors that you will learn over the time

Half of the life of psychology students is spent defending their degree and their profession against countless rumors that people spread. The most common is the one mentioned above, ‘these students are mentally sick.’ Then there are rumors like ‘they don’t get married,’ or ‘they are so different from other people,’ and so on. Instead of defending yourself, my suggestion is to stop bothering them. This will take less of your energy.

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