Eight skills you need to have for long-term success in life

Eight skills you need to have for long-term success in life

Eight skills you need to have for long-term success in life

Despite the fact that the research world has moved past the concept of IQ as a necessary determinant of success, people still believe in it. The reason is, we do not have the habit of keeping a check on what’s new in the scientific world. How many of you keep yourself aware of the latest trends in psychological research? Or how many of you have email subscriptions to research journals instead of online shopping stores? Well, doing this can improve your point of view about different things. Above all, it can help you groom your personality and develop yourself based on new research. 

Among these many researches, psychologists have been working to find the factors that contribute to the long-term success of people. This area of research met a new direction after in the 1990s when Mayer and Salovey proposed that some other forms of intelligence are more important in academic achievements and long-term success. This included emotional intelligence and further research helped in identifying many other factors. Some of them were considered part of emotional intelligence and some as individual determinants. Here are the most important of the skills that are required to be successful. 

Self-emotional regulation 

Emotions determine the things that we will prioritize and the things that we will ignore. So, one of the most important things that a person needs to have is self-emotional regulation. This includes identifying your emotions and regulating them according to the circumstances. For instance, regulating the emotions of sadness or disappointment when studying. 

Emotional understanding 

Emotional understanding is as important as emotional regulation. It is about both understanding oneself and others’ emotions. One emotional gesture can have different meanings. You can only act appropriately when you understand them rightly. Likewise, you can regulate your emotions only when you understand what they are, why are they appearing, and what can be the cause.

Intrinsic motivation 

Motivation through outside sources is short-term and vague. It is just a few minutes of dopamine rush and then it vanishes. Successful people have intrinsic motivation. It comes from within when you have a need to achieve a goal. 


Curiosity leads to acquiring knowledge. The more curious you are, the more you are supposed to study, research, and inquire. In short, this skill leads to the habits that are helpful in improving mental capacities like reading books, asking questions, and being involved in solving novel issues. 


Only a creative person can come up with new ideas and perform well in different complex situations. Creativity leads to new ideas, productive activities, and thinking. A creative person can understand complex concepts and perform well in exams that require analytical and creative thinking skills. It helps a person grow academically and professionally. 


Resilience is the ability to stay composed and in place despite adverse circumstances. There are people who freak out even with a small change of events. These are the people who have low or no resilience. Examples of such people are, the ones who lose hope when they see things are more complicated, the ones who stop trying when they see more challenges in front of them, and the people who start panicking when the circumstances are not the way they expected. Being flexible and being at the stage where you are despite the test of times is what you need to be resilient and successful.

Social skills 

Social skills are also an important factor that determines the success of a person. The people who do not get along with others well are less likely to be successful in their lives according to the researches. Life is highly interconnected nowadays and to pursue one’s dreams, it is important to improve social skills. This includes talking to others, socializing, behaving as per the requirements of a group, and adjusting to different social environments. When you adjust and get along with people, the mind is more likely to work productively. 


Problem-solving skills are also very important in determining the success and achievements of a person. Being able to use all the mental capabilities to solve a problem, devising new ways and strategies to get through it, and learning different techniques are all involved in problem-solving. The people who are good at it have strong analytical and creative skills. 

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