Eight things that we all say to ourselves while studying
Eight things that we all say to ourselves while studying

Eight things that we all say to ourselves while studying

Studying is the hardest time for students. Of course, there are a lot of other things to do and all we have to do is study. Such kinds of thoughts keep occurring in mind. Some students feel the most miserable when they are studying instead of enjoying their lives like others. Some feel they should just delay it to another day. Accumulatively, here are the things that all of us do while we are studying. 

I wish I was reading my novel 

We might not be reading a novel generally but when we open our course books, we miss the most unlikely of things. Perhaps the books are so dry that we wish to hold novels in our hands instead of them. Sometimes, we start missing them so much that we promise to study our novels after the exams. But who remembers them when the exams are over?

I will sleep a lot when the exams are over 

The thing that we miss the most during studying is our sleep. We might not be sleeping at that time if we were not studying but we miss it as we need it direly. We promise to sleep a lot after the exams are over. But after the exams, there are so many important things to do like hangouts and Netflix that sleep is our least priority. 

Why don’t I eat something before starting the next chapter?

We love to keep doing things to avoid studying. Whether they are important and interesting or not, we just want to keep delaying studying. The things that we are doing bring us guilt but we are so trapped in it that we don’t know what to do. Such is the situation of a student when they have to study, right? Eating is one of the most necessary things at that time so we all feel like eating something before starting the next chapter.   

I wish I could watch just one episode of my show 

Who does not miss the show they were watching while studying? I think everyone does. We know we have to study but our minds keep drifting towards Netflix or the television. Sometimes, we break the pact and began watching ‘just one episode’ that ends up becoming a bunch of episodes before studying. Believe me, there is nothing like one episode or one video game if you are using them to avoid studying.

Why not check the remaining pages of the chapter

Finally, when you sit down for studying after convincing yourself, at every next page you want to check how much of the syllabus is left. You count the pages and sometimes the topics that are left after like every thirty minutes. That is not going to make it easy or reduce the time period. Still, it gives a kind of satisfaction that you cannot explain. 

Let’s make a schedule and make the study-friendly environment first

Some of us spend hours preparing for studying until we are tired enough that we cannot study. In the preparation, there is making a study-friendly environment, removing the distractions, eating something, getting fresh after taking a shower, having some coffee, or sometimes having a nap. If the distraction is some TV show, we eliminate it by watching it sometimes. Also, preparing a schedule and checking it, again and again, is a part of this preparation. 

I think I can postpone it to tomorrow

We love to believe that we can postpone our tasks to the next day. So, we make every possibility to justify delaying the task. It might not finish tomorrow and sometimes that tomorrow takes us to the last day before the deadline. But I know students will keep doing it. 

I miss hanging out with my friends 

God knows how much we miss hanging out with friends when we are studying. We make plans in our heads to hang out after the exams or assignments. Plans made during this time often are not logical but we love making them because they give us relief from studying for some time and make us feel good. 

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