Eight things to consider before applying for admission at NCA


Eight things to consider before applying for admission at NCA

National College of Arts is a dream place for the students of Pakistan. It is the institute that has produced many world-famous artists. For more than a century, this place has been serving in the field of arts in the country. Students of NCA have a different kind of association with this place. Some say they have a different world there. Well, to say that this is the only institute of its kind in Pakistan would not be wrong.  Students from all over the country and abroad wish to secure their admission at NCA.

However, not all who apply are able to get a place. If you are passionate about studying at NCA, you have to prepare yourself beforehand. Here are a few things that you should consider before applying for admission at NCA. 

You have to have a strong profile in artwork

Only passing intermediate or O levels is not enough to secure admission at NCA. You have to work on building a strong profile in the artwork. Proving your qualification through your experience or a strong interest in the art, you can increase your chances of acceptance. Any past work that you have been doing on your own or with some other institute can work.  

Admission test and the interview are necessary to pass for admission

NCA conducts admission tests for all of the aspirants. These are usually drawing and aptitude tests particular to different departments. However, for the architecture department, you have to appear in mathematics test along with drawing and aptitude tests. Not just that, achieving high grades are compulsory to confirm a seat at NCA. As there is high competition, only a small percentage of people get admission. 

After the test, the next stage is an interview where students are further shortlisted. Be well-prepared for both of these sages. 

Average academic grades are required 

Although NCA does not put a lot of stress on academic grades, reaching a certain criterion is still important. For instance, having at least 45 percent of marks in intermediate or O levels is compulsory. That makes a second division which means you can not apply if you have a third division in your previous degree. 

The admissions take place once a year

Do not wait for the next cycle of admissions in spring as NCA does not offer two cycles a year. Admissions take place only once every year and are announced well before the deadline. Keep a record of the time and stay prepared before the applications open.

Limited scholarships are also provided  

NCA does provide scholarships to its students to assist them in their finances to some extent. The scholarships are announced at the start of every academic year. Students have to fill in scholarships applications that are evaluated by the administration and faculty before the awards are granted.  

You can apply at multiple departments through a single application

If you want to increase your chances of acceptance, applying to multiple departments can help. Well, it is the easiest thing. You do not need a separate application to apply for different programs as one application form would work. However, some students also apply at both Lahore and Rawalpindi campuses and you need to apply separately for them.

The admission form does not have to be submitted electronically

As most people think, admission forms at NCA do not have to be submitted online. You have to fill in the form and then submit it by hand or through a courier service. Make sure you submit it before waiting for the last day because submitting it manually will take time.  

Reserved seats are available only for two categories

NCA also offers quotas but there are very limited seats for them. You are eligible for the reserved seat if you have a foreign nationality, are from AJK, or are physically disabled. At the Lahore campus, 11 seats are reserved for foreign or Azad Jammu and Kashmir citizens. Whereas, 5 seats are reserved at the Rawalpindi campus for the same category. Likewise, 2 percent quota seats are available for students with physical disabilities.

I hope this post will help you regarding your admissions at NCA; read more: Best universities to study Architecture

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