Doctor of veterinary and medicine is the profession that students are mostly confused about. Some want to join because they love to deal with animals and some want to join it because they see a good future in it. However, some people just want to join this field because they want to have a ‘doctor’ with their name. Whatever category of students you belong to, here are a few things that you should consider before choosing to do a degree in DVM.     

You will have to bear with the stereotypes 

This is the degree that has a lot of stereotypes attached to it. Some call its professionals with derogatory names that you will not like. So, first of all, build resilience against them. No matter what people say, you know what you are doing with your life. Moreover, DVM is a field that is respected all around the world. It is considered as important as MBBS. So never get disappointed by what people think of it. 

You have to be daring and confident 

Sometimes, students come with the courage of breaking the stereotypes. But at the mid of the degree, they start feeling they cannot pursue it any further. In order not to feel trapped during the degree, know that you have to be very confident throughout the session. Moreover, the tough practical work will require you to show some guts. So, be prepared. 

Fieldwork is very hard 

The fieldwork is really very hard in DVM. If you are planning to do a degree in this field, make sure you know about the fieldwork before you start it. Take guidance from some friend or relative who is in the field. You have to go into the farms and deal with animals directly. If you cannot do that, you are not the right fit for the degree.

Labwork is very complicated and challenging 

Labs in DVM are also equally challenging. The practical work is very complicated and you have to stay proactive throughout the degree to handle it. Some people join this degree believing that there will not be very tough work to do. Well, the truth is entirely the opposite of it. You deal with animal organs, experiment with them, and use your knowledge and skills to treat them. Know that there are a lot of animal species and you have to study a maximum of them.  

The studies are equally hard as compared to MBBS

If you think you will be relatively relieved in this field as compared to MBBS, that’s a huge misconception. Along with the practical work, the studies are so hard that students sometimes are unable to handle the stress. Know that you are going to have very little relief.

The job market is diverse but you should have an interest

Before you select this degree as your future profession, look at the job market and see if you fit in the types of work that are available out there. Fortunately, the market is quite vast for DVM professionals. They can join dairy, livestock, different companies that deal with animal milk and meat products, farming, or simply practice in the hospitals. If you have a taste of any of these fields, DVM might be the right choice for you.

If you want to earn a really good amount, pet clinics are the best way

If you do not have a temperament of job, you should have a will to invest in the pet clinic. Pet clinics are a great source of earnings in Pakistan. You can open your own pet clinic in a town. The good thing is that people are getting interested in having pets in Pakistan so you have a fair chance of succeeding in this career choice. 

Going abroad is one of the best options

The last thing to consider before choosing DVM is to understand that people who really want to be valued for their profession choose to go abroad. Start preparing for your application from the start of your degree if you are also interested. You can also go on partially funded or fully funded scholarships and earn good fortune once you start work there. However, if you think none of these career options is the right choice for you then maybe you should rethink your idea of doing a degree in DVM.

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