Eight things to consider before planning a major in Psychology

Eight things to consider before planning a major in Psychology

Eight things to consider before planning a major in Psychology

Psychology is one of the subjects that have a lot of misconceptions attached to them in Pakistan. Students select this major and get disappointed when they do not see their expectations coming true. Some think they can work like doctors right after graduating and some think they can be famous motivational speakers. It definitely is a prestigious field that has interesting and distinct career opportunities. But here are the things that you have to consider before planning a major in Psychology.

Not everyone can practice 

Most of the people who choose psychology as a major think that they will be practicing in hospitals after graduating. In fact, many people join it with this motivation. Well, psychology is a diverse field where you choose either to be a clinician (the ones who practice) or choose any other field like school psychology, forensic psychology, counseling, etc.

It is not all about hospitals

Again, most of the students in Pakistan have this misconception that they will be working in the hospitals after they are graduated with a psychology major. This is not true at all. Only a small proportion of students who major in clinical psychology can have this opportunity. However, people from other fields work at other places like schools, academic institutes, jails, and other government and private departments. 

Are you ready to get an insight into human behavior?

Psychology is not an easy field and not everyone dares to study vast philosophical subjects like this. Also, different people have different tastes. And you cannot tell if you want to study psychology before checking all the modules and course contents. So, do good research before making a decision about choosing it. 

If you cannot perceive Freud, you might not get through it

Have you ever heard of Freud? If you have studied him, that’s the best because you can tell better whether you understand his philosophy or not. Freud’s psychodynamics is the most dominating school of thought in Psychology. And, if you want to study Psychology to be a learned person, it is important to understand this theory. Some people do not understand his theories but still are students of psychology. They might graduate but are not going to be real psychologists or good researchers.

Be ready to make long reports and assignments

Psychology is the kind of a subject that will require you to work day in and day out to complete your research work. So, if you are taking it as an easy subject, now is the time to change your decision. The long reports, case studies, research, and thesis will take a lot of effort.

Your thesis is going to be no ordinary thing

In psychology, you have to do your thesis like a professional researcher even in your undergrad. It is going to get rejected a lot of times and you have to have a perfect grip on research methods and statistics in order to get through it. If you think you can do that, you may be a good fit for this subject.

You have to struggle to make a career

A sad fact about psychology is that it is not going to offer a perfect career right after you graduate. You have to struggle to make a career. A master’s degree is a must if you want to excel in the field. If you get a chance to get a higher degree from some international institute, this can ensure a promising career either abroad or in the academia of Pakistan.  

You can not practice until you have an MS

If you are thinking that you will start practicing right after your BS, this is a huge misconception. You cannot get your practicing license until you have an MS. Even after that, you have to work as an intern at some hospitals to start a career. 

In short, Psychology is a great subject that needs all your intellectual abilities and hardworking skills to be studied. Along with that, it equips you with research and many other skills. But you have to work really hard even after graduation to establish a career in it. If you are passionate about it, just go for it without fearing anything. Good luck! 

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