8 Worst Types of Classmates


A class has a variety of students. There are the ones who are easy to get along with so they are friends with everyone. Some are those who have no concern with anyone in the class. Well, the thing that is similar in every class is that there always are some students who annoy the rest of the students. Here are the characteristics of 8 worst types of classmates. 

The ones who remind teachers of the quizzes and assignments 

When the class is praying that the teacher forgets about the quiz or the due assignment, these are the students who are planning to ruin their hopes. They would remind the teacher of the quiz and the assignment when the class is finally thinking that the teacher has forgotten. Why don’t they want to see everyone happy?  

High scorers 

No matter what, the students who score high every semester annoy the rest of the class. Even when the class is friends with them, they get irritated by thinking about how do they manage to get such great scores every time. Why can they just not study a little less? 

The cool ones 

Every class has at least one student who pretends to be cool about every situation. They want to show that they do not care about the assignments or the exams. At the same time, they will ask others to help them through this. They want to create an aura but the class is just annoyed with them.   

The ones who never have a pen during class or exams 

There is not even a single class that does not have such a student. These are the ones who will never have a pen to take notes, write down important instructions, or even solve exams. When the rest of the class is busy noting down the lecture or revising important topics for exams, they are asking others if they have a pen. At the beginning of the degree, they are fun but the class starts getting irritated with them with time. Why can they just not be responsible enough?  

The ones who are never happy with their preparation

These are the type of students who are always complaining. They are never happy with their preparation for the exams. Whenever you ask them about it, they will tell you a whole story to explain why they think they will fail this exam. Well, these are the ones who never actually fail the exam. They just have a habit of complaining. 

The ones who are teacher’s favorites 

The students who the teacher loves are so annoying to the whole class. They will get teacher’s favors during exams’ evaluations, assignments’ extensions, and many other matters. The rest of the students cannot trust them for anything because they are so close to the teachers.

The ones who would never agree with the class 

The class has to agree on certain points but there is this one student who will always spoil the plan. If the class agrees to delay the quiz, they will say the current date is fine. When the class says they need more days for the assignment, they will come with their assignment prepared before time. No matter what happens, they just have to go against the direction of the class.   

The ones who score high despite not attending the class 

These are the students who are a mystery to the class. They will not attend classes, very rarely appear in the quizzes, but at the end of the semester, they will have at least an above-average score. How can they manage to get such grades so easily? 

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