Vice-Chancellor of Sindh Agriculture University (SAU) Dr Fateh Muhammad Marri has said that every year five thousand children are suffering from thalassemia in Pakistan, The Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan assemblies have approved legislation for premarital screening, but implementation remains a major problem.

He expressed these views while addressing an awareness seminar on thalassemia for students at Dr AM Shaikh Auditorium Hall organized by SAU Tandojam and Sindh Sartyoon Welfare Organization.

Dr Marri said that due to the cooperation and conscious efforts of people in developed countries, diseases like thalassemia have decreased, so it is mandatory to get tested.

Dr Muhammad Iqbal a Social leader and chairman of Kashif Iqbal Thalassemia Care Center Karachi said that his organization has conducted thalassemia tests of thousands of students in 200 universities and colleges in the country.

He said that this disease is very painful but we are making efforts to prevent this disease and for the health of affected children and youth, “many young engineers and doctors are active in practical life despite suffering from this disease” he added.

Former Member of Assembly Ms Rasheeda Panhwer said that the majority of the population of the province belongs to the lower socio-economic class, who cannot afford the expenses of treatment and management of children suffering from thalassemia due to household needs and economic problems.

Social leader Ms Zahida Detho said that due to poverty in Sindh, common people are unaware of these types of diseases, especially in Thar and other areas due to a lack of nearby health facilities and awareness programs, such diseases are increasing.

Ms Shahana Bhurgari, president of Sindh Sartiyoon Welfare Organization, said that there is no proper prevention program at the national level to deal with this disease in Pakistan including Sindh. However, some steps have been taken at the provincial level.

Dr Muhammad Ismail Kumbhar, Director University Advancement and Financial Assistance, Ms Zartaj Memon and Ms Shabeela Talpur also spoke on the occasion. During the event, a camp was also organized for various blood tests including thalassemia of the students.

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