Ex-CJP Accused of Influencing Head Boy Selection at Aitchison

Ex-CJP Accused of Influencing Head Boy Selection at Aitchison

Head Boy Selection at Aitchison

As the dust begins to settle from the recent resignation of Michael A Thompson, the former principal of Aitchison College, Lahore, who had accused the then Punjab governor, Balighur Rehman, of meddling in the school’s administration, a similar case has emerged, according to a report by a TV channel.

Sources revealed to 24News TV channel that former Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP), Justice Saqib Nisar, allegedly went to great lengths to secure the head boy position for his grandson, raising concerns about undue influence. This revelation has sparked a wave of unease among parents, who argue that such actions undermine the integrity of educational institutions.

Parents expressed their concerns regarding the former CJP’s reported interference, noting that it sets a troubling precedent and threatens the meritocratic principles that schools should uphold. “We trust these institutions to be fair and to provide equal opportunities to all students. Any undue influence from high-profile individuals can severely damage that trust,” said one parent who preferred to remain anonymous.

The controversy surrounding Aitchison College deepened when Thompson resigned in protest after the then provincial governor, Balighur Rehman, granted a three-year leave of absence and a complete fee waiver for two children of Ahad Cheema. This move was seen as another instance of political interference in the school’s administration.

These unfolding events have raised questions about the extent of political influence in educational institutions and have prompted calls for greater transparency and accountability. The school’s community is now grappling with the implications of these revelations, as they seek to restore trust in the institution’s governance and ensure that it remains a bastion of fairness and merit.

In response to these incidents, some parents and alumni are demanding an independent inquiry into the allegations of interference. “It’s crucial for the credibility of Aitchison College and for the broader educational landscape in Pakistan that we address these issues head-on,” stated an alumnus of the school.

As the community awaits further developments, the broader conversation about the integrity of educational institutions in Pakistan continues to gain momentum, highlighting the need for stringent policies to safeguard against undue influence and to maintain the merit-based systems that are fundamental to educational excellence.

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