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Exam Time? Here Are Six Ways To Avoid Putting Yourself In A Mess


It’s the exam season again and the stress of scoring good grades is makings things a little out of control for many of you out there. Although success in exams will really, truly depend on your prep, we can give you a few pointers that will certainly help you in getting your preparation for exams in order. Here are six ways you can be better prepared to take on exams this season.

Clarity Of Scheduledownload 6

While having the exam timetable and schedule in your laptop and smartphone is okay, the gadgets’ dependence on batteries and possibility of getting misplaced or stolen could leave you without a clue about the exam schedule. To avoid such horror, write down the schedule on a large enough piece of paper or chart paper and place it on your room’s wall for a hassle-free, frequent reminder of the schedule. You’ll avoid the stress of confusing exams and test days with each other, which is a major worry you will find yourself free of.

Don’t Be A Hermit

108177087There is no denying that small sessions of studying away from social distractions are great for improving focus and retention, but excess of everything is always bad. Take some time out to talk to family members and friends during preparations as this will help lighter the mental burden of studies. Whether you talk about your favourite football stars or the exams themselves, friendly conversations would always put your senses at ease and make you better prepared for the next study session.

Set Goals And Rewards

Goal SettingChocolate bar after three chapters, half-hour break after five. Breaking down larger goals into smaller ones and rewarding yourself duly after each is achieved will truly help your motivation sky rocket. Contrarily, going through books and notes continuously without a proper plan and breaks will burn you out both mentally and physically. Avoid such non-stop mayhem.

Junk Junk Food

imgIt’s tasty and tempting, but will leave you seriously short on nutrition and energy. Avoiding junk food is on of the best ways to utilise your time right. Junk food is predominantly full of carbs and provides little energy, leaving a consumer feeling hungry, lethargic and generally slow after a while. Switch to healthier foods like fruits, nuts, whole grains, milk and yoghurt, and protein-based meals that provide ample energy, but also keep you from getting drowsy every now and then.

Sleep When You Have To

MIT Sleep Signals 2One of the best ways you can help yourself stay primed for exam preparation is getting enough sleep. Your understanding, retention and general mental prowess will drop to minimum levels if your body has been left exhausted by sleeplessness. So listen to your spent senses every time they call out to you and put yourself in the recovery mode through sleep.

Focus On Yourself

Looking through binocular 010Investigating what other have been up to will not only waste your time, it will potentially leave you in a panic mode if your peers happen to be ahead of you in prep. Resultantly, the stress will leave you worse off and badly affect you study progress. It is safe to concentrate on yourself and the study goals and plans you have devised and then stick to them. You will learn more and be in a better mental and physical shape to take on the exam paper.


And you know what the best part is? The exams will be over as quickly as they started. Ciao.

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