The University of Okara’s Department of Teacher Education organized an exhibition on ‘Promotion of Peace Through Art’ where the students displayed various models and pictures to highlight the positive aspects of the Pakistani society. The event was managed by Noreen Tahira, senior lecturer at Faculty of Education.

Dr Khalid Saleem, Chairman, Department of Teacher Education, Dr Tahir Khan Farooqi, Chairman, Department of Educational Research & Assessment, Dr Shehzad Ahmed, In-Charge, Department of Educational Planning & Management, Dr Syed Abdul Waheed, In-Charge, Department of Educational Studies and Dr Nadia Gillani, In-Charge, Department of Special Education visited the exhibition and encouraged the students for their valuable contributions.

Talking to media at this eve, Dr Saleem told that the purpose of the event was to prepare the students to work for peace promotion when they go to schools and colleges after completing their B.Ed. degrees.

Dr Farooqi said, “Art is an important aspect of life and serious messages delivered through art create deep impact. The students’ works in this exhibition speak volumes of their aesthetic sense and artistic abilities.”

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