Factors to know before choosing Turkey as a study destination

Factors to know before choosing Turkey as a study destination

Turkey as a study destination

Turkey is one of the countries that offers fully funded scholarships without IELTS to international students. Probably, this is the reason why mostly Turkey has been a preferred choice for students when choosing universities to study abroad. So, if you are going to a university soon and considering Turkey as an option then this article is for you as we have listed some of the most important factors that you should know before choosing Turkey as your study destination.

1. Low cost of living

Living in Turkey is cheap as compared to other European countries. The cost of living is one of the most important factors when choosing a study abroad destination, but Turkey is a good option as you can save tons of money. Tuition fees are way less than those living in US, Canada or UK. Students living in Turkey get a discount on almost everything, be it public transport or entertainment centers.

2. Quality education

International students who wish to study at public universities in Turkey, do not have to pay tuition fees at all, however, there are some fees that need to be paid every semester but that is only the registration fee and health insurance. Turkey offers domestic and foreign students a strong, high-quality education system. There are also many scholarship opportunities for international students. Universities also offer numerous facilities to their students for them to enjoy and develop their knowledge and skills. They have professors from different parts of the world which exposes students to different cultures, and experiences. Degrees obtained from Turkish universities have worldwide recognition.

3. The country is safe to live in

Turkey has been protected from natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes and landslides. The crime rate in Turkey is low as compared to other countries so this means it’s quite a safe place for students to choose Turkey as their study destination.

4. Career opportunities

Although Turkey doesn’t permit international students to work while they are studying but there are a few institutes that provide internship opportunities for students to work as research assistants. If you do get a work permit, then there are numerous job opportunities to choose from. If you have obtained the necessary documents, then you can easily get a good job.

5. Student-friendly environment

As an international student in a foreign country like Turkey, one can never feel left out. There are many international students that come from different backgrounds and cultures. This also helps the students in learning how to mix into different new cultures, interact with new people, which helps expand their horizons. The best part is making friends from such diverse backgrounds that later turn into family.

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