10 Famous Libraries of Pakistan


Libraries play an essential role in our lives as they have given us access to vast knowledge, more than we can imagine. The library is known as a bundle of knowledge, a place widely known for keeping traditional history books, journals, manuscripts, newspapers and all sorts of recorded information; people prefer going to a library physically. Libraries are vital for every society as they are a gateway for exploring more knowledge and rich cultures around the world. For some people, it is nothing more than a blessing as libraries offer free educational resources and opportunities for learning. Here is a list of 10 famous libraries of Pakistan.

1. Frere Hall Karachi

Frere hall is in central Karachi’s colonial era, Saddar town and the construction started in 1863 and came to an end in 1865. Originally it was to be Karachi’s town-hall. It remained the largest library of Sindh for over so many years. As per reports, it contains more than 70,000 books, one can even find some of the books, manuscripts, guides which are not available anywhere else.

2. Allama Iqbal Library

Allama Iqbal library is one the oldest libraries in the heart of Sialkot city which consists of a large collection of books that too in all categories. It was established in 1894 and is about 127 years old. It is also called the Government Allama Iqbal Library Sialkot. Thousands of students visit this library daily. There are thousands of books that cover all aspects of life in English, Urdu, Persian, Arabic etc.

3. National Library of Pakistan

NLP is one of the largest and famous libraries in Pakistan, which is in the capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad. The library is administered by the archives of the ministry of education. It has a vast collection of books which include publications about Pakistan, it’s rich culture and heritage. A significant collection also includes rare books and manuscripts. Electronic publications are also available in the library.

4. Hasrat Mohani District Central Library

Hasrat Mohani Library is known to be one of the oldest and biggest libraries in Hyderabad which was built in 1905. This library has been occupied by several government departments and it contains over 40,000 books. College students visit the library very frequently. This building comprises of a huge reading room/hall and has the most beautiful Victorian features with stylish red big bricks and a large garden with numerous flowers.

5. Shahnawaz Bhutto Public Library

Shanawaz Bhutto Memorial Library is situated in Larkana, Pakistan which was established in 1984. Hundreds of students visit this library as it consists of entry test books for students preparing for their entry level exams. The books contain English and Urdu both versions so the students can choose books accordingly.

6. Allama Iqbal Public Library Faisalabad

Built during the British empire in 1911, this library has many manuscripts, journals and books. Thousands of people visit the library daily. One can find books on Arabic, English, Urdu, Philosophy, Literature, Economics, History and many more in this building. More than 36,000 books are available here, Oxford books can also be found here. Moreover, Judiciary level and CSS preparation books are available here too. One part of this library is kept for newspaper reading.

7. Army Central Library

Army Central Library is in Rawalpindi. It is known that this library contains a very expensive collection of books, however the range of the books is very limited. It has the widest variety of magazines, books, journals and newspapers which will surely keep you busy for several hours.

8. Children’s Library Complex

The Children’s library complex, also known as CLC, is situated in Lahore. It aims to provide education to the children of Pakistan in a way that it helps the children with their mental as well as physical development. They also provide fun sports activities for the kids of ages of 4-14 years. They help in discovering children’s creative skills through a diverse number of activities and programs.

9. Municipal Corporation Public Library

This library is in Faisalabad which contains a huge variety of books which includes several books about Rich cultures, History, Islam, Urdu, English, Law, Literature, Poetry and much more. The municipal library also offers membership to its citizens and the duration is of a lifetime.

10. Quaid e Azam Library

The beautiful building of QAL was constructed in the mid of 19th century during British times and it compromises of two halls: the Montgomery Hall and the Lawrence Hall. This library is situated in Lahore. It has the capacity of over 1000 plus readers and it has the storage space of up to more than 300,000 lac books. They have a huge collection of books, British magazines, American magazines, newspapers, journals, books, foreign newspapers and much more. This place is a must visit.

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