FAPUASA, APUBTA reached out to a commitment on promotion policy with HEC

FAPUASA, APUBTA reached out to a commitment on promotion policy with HEC

APUBTA HEC agreement

The representatives of APUBTA, All Public universities BPS teachers Association and FAPUASA, Federation of All Pakistan Universities Staff Association, held a meeting with HEC officials at HEC on July 24, 2023, and agreed on submission of the circulated draft promotion statutes for the BPS university teachers.

The statutes was jointly written by HEC, FAPUASA and APUBTA and was shared with the stackholders in December 2021. The meeting was attended by the HEC officer Mr Nasir Shah Khattak DG, QAD. The FAPUASA team was led by Prof Dr. Aamir Ali, President ASA QAU and FAPUASA Islamabad, Dr Faiz ur Rahim, General Secretary ASA IIUI and FAPUASA Islamabad, Prof. Dr. Rizwan Kobab, Dr. Farooq Buzdar and Dr Zafar and APUBTA team led by President Dr Sami ur Rahman and GS Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad, and attended by other members Prof Dr Asif Jan, Dr M Iqbal, Dr Akhtar Hussain and Mr Jawad.

The FAPUASA Central President (Prof.Dr. Kaleem) and all the members played a very positive role in supporting the BPS faculty and stressed for approval of draft statutes in its meeting with HEC Chairman and Executive Director on July 14, 2023.

APUBTA is also thankful to the Chairman HEC, Dr Mukhtar Ahmad and the Executive Director Dr Shaista Sohail for the sincere commitment to submit the draft statutes for approval by commission in the forthcoming meeting. The APUBTA President and GD Nasir Shah jointly signed the agreement vetted by the HEC chairman and ED in this regard.

Hopefully, the Chairman NASC, Mr Qadir Mandokhail shall direct the HEC for meeting of the commission on one point agenda on short notice in the NASC meeting to be held on July 26, 2023 as today’s meeting has been postponed due to flight cancellation. It is worth mentioning that the Chairman Qadir Mandokhail has directed HEC to settle the issue in morning and produce the same in the meeting at 04:00 pm positively.

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