FAPUASA Sindh Chapter on Sunday held a meeting at The Quaid e Awam University of Engineering, Sciences & Technology Nawabshah condemning the irresponsible attitude of QUEST VC.

The meeting was participated by the representatives of academic staff associations of public sector universities of Sindh. After deliberate discussions, the general body of FAPUASA Sindh Chapter unanimously condemned the Vice-Chancellor of QUEST Nawabshah for the victimization of faculty members. The VC had issued ilegal notices to FAPUASA representatives. It was demanded from VC QUEST to immediately release the salary of Ali Asghar Chandio, a senior faculty member of the QUEST ,which has been withheld since last year.

The meeting also resolved that FAPUASA Sindh Chapter shall continue its protest against QUEST VC, and on Monday, 30th August, all public sector universities will observe the black day. And Academic Staff Associations shall continue their protest against VC QUEST throughout the week. QUTA shall establish a protest camp in QUEST and sit in with banners and placards. FAPUASA Sinch Chapter vows to widen the scope of protest if VC QUEST does not accept the demands.

It was demanded from the Government of Sindh to increase the budget of all universities and financial crises have made it difficult for universities to operate smoothly, let alone develop themselves. It was also demanded from universities to advertise the posts for faculty as few universities are already doing. FAPUASA Sinch Chapter demanded from the government to resolve the issues that have been submitted to the office of the secretary of universities and boards.

On Monday, the federation also observed black day at all universities across the province against the victimization. The federation in a press statement has said that until VC QUEST restores Ali Asghar’s salary and withdraw the baseless notices and explanations calls, the circle of protest will be widened further.

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