The Federation of All Pakistan Universities Academic Staff Association (FAPUASA) Sindh Chapter, vehemently condemns the recent redesigning pay-scale notification issued by the Secretary Universities and Boards Department.

The biased redesigning of the pay scale will never be accepted by faculty members of universities in the Sindh province. The FAPUASA Sindh Chapter argue that the notification is unfair and discriminatory. Sindh government should consult with the elected bodies of Academic Staff Associations to develop a new pay scale that should be sustainable, fair and equitable for all faculty members universities of Sindh.

Academicians play a vital role in national development. They are the ones who produce the knowledge and skills that are essential for economic growth, social progress, and good governance. The new pay scale for universities design should be designed in line with the pay scale system adopted by Sindh Secretariate, Honourable Courts, Professional Engineers and Doctors.

“The Sindh government has to consider the concerns of faculty members and should immediately consult with the FAPUASA Sindh Chapter for designing of an acceptable, fair, and equitable pay scale for Universities of Sindh that recognizes our hard work and dedication. The faculty members of FAPUASA Sindh Chapter are calling on the Sindh government to consider the following inclusions in the new pay scale system for universities:

The utility Allowance and House rent ceilings should be included as per Sindh Secretariate Employees’ Salaries. Executive Allowance should be included as per Sindh Secretariate Employees’ Salaries. Vehicle facility with POL should be included as per Sindh Government. Professional Allowance and Nonpracticing Allowance should be adopted in the new pay scale for  Professional degree holders universities of the Sindh Province. Health Professional Allowance should be adopted in the new pay scale for the medical sciences universities of the Sindh Province. Disparity reduction Allowances should be given as announced by the federal government.

In case of failure to above justified inclusions OR any illegal curtailing to the current salaries of university faculty members will increase the pay gap between other professionals and faculty members of universities of Sindh. Which will never be accepted and not leave any other option except strong movement against the wrong-doings of Secretary Universities and Boards Department, Government of Sindh.

The FAPUASA Sindh Chapter are committed to fighting for fair and equitable pay for all faculty members in Sindh Province. They will widen the protests until the Sindh government takes action to address the above-mentioned concerns regarding the discriminations in Salary of Universities.

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