FAPUASA Sindh protests, demands budget increase


FAPUASA Sindh Chapter has initiated the protest movement by a press conference and protest in front of Press Club Sukkur, demanding budget increase, bailout package, and disparity reduction allowance.

All Sindh Employees Welfare Federation and Sindh Universities Officers Federation also joined the struggle and will continue their support until the demands are met

“We shall widen the scope of the protest, to other regions of Sindh as well, and will stage a sit-in in Karachi”. Leaders of the Associations

FAPUASA Sindh Chapter held a press conference and protest in front of Sukkur Press Club on Tuesday, 26th Oct 2021, and demanded from the government to prioritize higher education of Sindh by increasing the budget of the universities, allocating bailout packages, and granting disparity reduction allowance to the employees of the universities. Liaqat Ali Tunio, President FAPUASA Sindh Chapter, and Asif Hussain Samo, General Secretary FAPUASA Sindh Chapter, vowed further the struggle with more protests in coming days.

Qalandar Baksh Bozdar, chairman of All Sindh Employees Welfare Federation and Farhan Lateef Memon, chairman of Sindh Universities Officers Federation said that they have joined the press conference and protest. They voiced their full support to the protest movement initiated by FAPUASA Sindh Chapter.

The leaders of all the associations lamented the non-serious response of the government officials to the demands of representatives. Especially the leadership of FAPUASA Sindh Chapter is being tried to communicate the unfortunate financial situation of all the public sector universities of Sindh, it seems the higher education is the least priority of the government. It was demanded in the press conference and protest that the annual budget of all public sector universities should be enhanced significantly to help universities to develop and run the matters smoothly.

The leaders demanded that almost all the universities are facing financial crises, and that needs special bailout package for all the universities of Sindh, as the payment of salaries, pensions, and other monetary requirements are not being made due to financial deficits.

Since the federal government and Punjab government have already granted disparity reduction allowance to the employees of Universities, it is unfortunate that employees of universities of Sindh, who are already hard-hit due to increasing inflation, are still waiting for the announcement of the Sindh government in this regard. Therefore, the leaders demanded from the government to immediately grant the disparity reduction allowance.

FAPUASA Sindh Chapter, along with SUOF and ASEWF, resolved that their protest shall continue until the demands are not met.

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