Farmers needs trainings to reap financial benefits from meat and milk

Farmers needs trainings to reap financial benefits from meat and milk

Farmers needs trainings to reap financial benefits from meat and milk

Veterinary Experts and economists have described the dairy and livestock industry as one of the fastest-growing sectors in terms of poverty alleviation and economic growth and suggested that farmers need to be trained to reap the financial benefits from meat, milk, and its by-products of a small and large animal, while the government, research institutes and experts are urged to conduct joint research and awareness campaigns in this regard.

In collaboration with the University of Veterinary Sciences (UOVS) and the Australian Center for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) of University of Melbourne Australia, three days training workshop was conducted at Sindh Agriculture University Tandojam, for the development of dairy, milk, meat and small animals in Pakistan, where Directors, Deputy Directors and Senior Veterinary Officers were trained under the “Dairy Beef Project” to improve the economic condition of low-income families and small animal farmers.

Addressing the Certificates and Closing Ceremony, Dr. Fateh Marri, Vice Chancellor, Sindh Agriculture University, said that cattle farming could change the economic situation of poor families and their life style.

He said that farmers should be trained in various technologies for production of dairy, beef, goat meat and farming on a regular basis, which would enable them to earn sufficient income, especially keeping in view the needs of domestic and foreign markets, as well as there is a need for awareness about the indigenous breeding of animals.

He said that Sindh also has better breeds of cattle, which will increase the productivity of dairy and livestock sector in Pakistan so as to increase the demand for meat, milk, leather and their by-products in the halal market of the world.

Dr. Hassan Mehmood Warraich, Project team Leader, said that the main objective of this workshop was to help small farmers with the beneficial results of dairy technology and meat through trained experts and create the best resources and personal business opportunities for their economic life.

Ms. Humaira Iqbal, Project Manager, said that during training workshop government experts and participants were briefed about various modules related to dairy technology, beef value chain and applied research in Pakistan and draws attention to small production systems.

Abdul Aziz Training Manager and Aijaz Kumbhar Provincial Coordinator, Dairy Beef Project said that the livestock department of Sindh Government has also been included in the program so that they can transfer this technology to small farmers and domestic animal growing families that they can benefit as much as possible.

The speakers also highlighted the need for research support for the improvement and development of livestock and small animals between ACIAR’s Dairy Beef and Small Romance Project and Sindh Agricultural University.

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