Arts Council of Pakistan Karachi organized a reading of Fatima Ijaz’s English poetry collection “The Shade of Longing and Other Poems” at Hasina Moin Hall, in which Arts Council President Muhammad Ahmad Shah, Hoori Noorani, Actor Khalid Ahmed, Journalist and Actor Pirzada Salman, Director Fawad Khan, Director and Actress Kulsoom Aftab, and Shama Askari participated while Hoori Noorani performed the duties of the director.

In his introductory remarks, Arts Council President Muhammad Ahmad Shah said, “I enjoyed reading the book. Fatima Ijaz has written a wonderful book. So many wonderful people have gathered to read it.

“It is a matter of great pride for the Arts Council. I would like to have Fatima Ijaz’s book translated into Urdu. Poetess Fatima Ijaz said that it took me a year to complete this book. Actor Khalid Ahmed, Pirzada Salman, director Fawad Khan, director and actress Kulsoom Aftab, and Shama Askari recited selected poems from Fatima Ijaz’s book.

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