FCCU celebrates Two Decades of Denationalization

FCCU celebrates Two Decades of Denationalization

FCCU Two Decades of Denationalization

The Marketing and Outreach Department of Forman Christian College  (FCCU) organized a ‘Corporate Connect’ to celebrate ‘Two Decades of Denationalization of FCCU’.

The program started with recitations followed by the National Anthem. The Chief Marketing and Outreach Officer at FCCU, Mrs Badia Raza, gave the welcome address. The Rector, Dr Jonathan S Addleton delivered a gripping presentation, which was the highlight of the evening.

This Rector’s presentation started with introductions of the guests which was a perfect ice breaker that led to a feeling of warmth and pure excitement in the audience.

It was followed by sharing the key highlights of the growth-led development and new initiatives at Forman Christian College University that took place in the last two decades that included the construction of several new buildings, improving academic standards, introduction and addition of new programs, initiatives towards a more environmentally sustainable campus, women empowerment, scholarships and financial aid and plans for future development and global recognition.

The Rector’s speech was highly appreciated by the business community and was an eye-opener for them about our dedication and commitment to higher education.

The Formanites Alumni Association President Mr Attiazaz Munawwar ud Din and Alumni Board member Dr AS Chughtai also encouraged the corporate fraternity to step forward and engage more frequently with FCCU to inspire the students studying here, who will soon be leaders in their respective fields. Initially, the program was meant to be for one hour, the audience was so mesmerized by the hope and promise that FCCU offers for our great country through well-rounded graduates, that the program went on for more than two hours.

The event was attended by more than 50 top industry leaders, mostly CEOs and key decision-makers from the corporate world. The attendees included Mian Mohammad Mansha, Chairman Nishat Group, Mr Zafar Masud, CEO Bank of Punjab (BoP) and Chairman Board OGDCL, Mr Mian Asad Hameed, CEO Sazgar Engineering Works (SEW) Limited, Mr Attiazaz Munawwar ud Din, CEO Khazana Enterprise, Dr AS Chughtai,  Chairman Chughtai Lab, Mr Muhammad Adrees,  CEO Sitara Chemical Group, Mr Hammad Naqi Khan, CEO WWF Pakistan, and many other senior leaders from Systems Limited, Packages Group, Bestway Group, Netsol Technologies and many more leading brands of Pakistan.

The event was highly appreciated by the representatives of the corporate sector and will serve as a bridge in building industry-academia collaborations.

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