Forman Christian College University (FCCU) made waves in the academic community by hosting an impactful seminar on the crucial theme of Leadership Role in Quality Assurance on February 15, 2024. The event, which took place at FCCU, garnered significant attention, drawing 100 attendees from both FCCU and Kinnaird College, who participated in person. Additionally, the seminar attracted virtual participation from 155 universities across Pakistan and 10 universities from the UK, marking it as a truly international convergence of minds.

The seminar was expertly moderated by Dr. Nayer Fardows, the Registrar and Director of Quality Assurance at FCCU, who ensured a smooth and engaging flow of discussions throughout the session. Adding prestige to the occasion, Dr. Shahid Munir, the Chairperson of Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC), graced the event as the esteemed Chief Guest.

The proceedings commenced with a warm welcome from Dr. Nayer Fardows, followed by a video message from Rector FCCU, Dr. Jonathan Addleton, setting the stage for the enlightening conversations that ensued. Dr. James R. Appleton, a distinguished speaker, delivered a keynote address, shedding light on pivotal aspects of leadership in quality assurance. The ensuing Question/Answer session was dynamic, with attendees actively engaging and posing thought-provoking inquiries.

A distinguished panel comprising Dr. James R. Appleton, Professor Dr. Rukhsana David, Professor Dr. Shahid Munir, Dr. Douglas Trimble, and Dr. Nayer Fardows, engaged with the audience, addressing queries and fostering meaningful dialogue. Dr. Rukhsana David succinctly summarized the consensus reached during the seminar, encapsulating the collective wisdom shared during the event.

Dr. Shahid Munir delivered a thought-provoking speech, emphasizing the imperative of proactive leadership in ensuring quality assurance in education. Dr. Douglas Trimble concluded the session with profound closing remarks, delving into the concept of Watermark and its pertinence to FCCU.

This seminar served as a catalyst for meaningful discourse and collaboration, laying a solid foundation for future endeavors in the pursuit of quality education and effective leadership.

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