Federal Capital Schools Get New Curriculum, Textbooks Under 100/100/100


The federal government on Monday launched new curriculum and text books aimed at raising the quality of education in public schools in the federal capital. The new curriculum and text books are part of the government’s 100/100/100 programme that envisions 100% enrolment, 100% retention and 100% passing out of children in schools in the federal capital.

The project was formally launched at high profile ceremony on Monday which was led by Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi as the chief guest. The project of curriculum revision has been divided into three parts. In the first phase, books from Class 1-5 have been upgraded, while books from class 6-8 will be upgraded in the second phase. Syllabus of classes 9-12 would be updated in the last phase of the project.

During the ceremony, the prime minister said the federal government had set high standards of education in the country by providing modern curriculum and quality education to students. “No country can progress unless it focuses on provision of quality education to its youth,” he said. The PM said Islamabad Capital Territory would serve as a model for other provinces to raise their standards of education.

Abbasi said education had become a provincial subject following the 18th Constitutional Amendment, meaning provinces now had massive budgets and equally large responsibility. However, the prime minister said the provinces lacked the capacity to implement changes and needed to develop the same.

The prime minister also called for a establishing a national testing service to standardise the learning being imparted through various streams of education in the country. Abbasi said the government was spending Rs 5,000 on each student in government schools, but the results were still far from satisfactory. “On the other hand, private schools are getting better results by spending far less money,” the PM said, while praising the private sector for its contribution to the sector.

He praised the federal education ministry for initiating the upgrade, adding that there was also a need for improving the training of the teachers to enhance the quality of education.

“The latest curriculum will prove to be an important milestone towards shifting the focus from cramming to promoting analytical skills and generating thought process amongst the students,” Abbasi said.

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