Federal Ministry of education approves new examination board for seminaries

Federal Ministry of education approves new examination board for seminaries

KARACHI: The Federal Ministry of Education and Professional Training has approved a new board of religious education named Majma-ul-Uloom-ul-Islamia Pakistan that formed by Karachi’s two largest religious seminaries—Jamia Binoria Al-Aalmia and Jamia Tur Rasheed.

The introductory ceremony of the board held at Al-Rasheed Tur Rasheed Ahsanabad in which Mufti Abdul Rahim, Mufti Noman Naeem, and other administrators of both, the seminaries participated. Mufti Abdul Rahim will be the chairman of the board and Maulana Noman Naeem will be the deputy chairman and Shaykh-ul-Hadeeth Mufti Muhammad would be the controller the new board.

On the occasion, the speakers informed that the new board would promote modern education with religious studies at madrassa so that students of seminaries could avail the equal opportunity and play their role in the development of society as well.

“The purpose of the board is to impart modern education along with religion to the students of madrassas,” said Mufti Noman Naeem, added “we have always supported a combination of religious studies and modern education.

At present, Jamia Binoria Al-Aalmia has 58 departments, out of which 25 are purely academic with 800 foreign students from 54 different countries and thousands of Pakistani students. “We wanted to have a board that could issue certificates and degrees to these students”, he said.

On the occasion, Maulana Farhan Naeem of the Jamia Binoria Aalmia said that the efforts of both seminaries are very commendable as they have long been concerned for the future of its foreign students who would get no degree after completion of education. But now they would get relevant certificates and degrees. These students have been studying with us for so many years.

We wanted the education of these students to be accepted worldwide as well. In the coming months all braches of these two seminaries and some other like-minded administrators would receive affiliation of the new board.


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