Fertile land of Hyderabad converted into residential schemes; SAU study


The PhD Scholar of Sindh Agriculture University in his research has expressed concern that the fertile lands of Hyderabad district are rapidly being converted into residential schemes, this could lead to food shortages and serious environmental problems in the future.

Moula Bux Peerzada, PhD Scholar, Department of Agricultural Economics at Sindh Agriculture University, has proven in his PhD research that Hyderabad has become one of the fastest moving districts in the country, with a lot of fertile agricultural lands are shifting to residential colonies, which is severely affecting agriculture, orchards, forests, and environment, he suggested that agricultural experts and relevant government agencies should play their role in the protection of fertile agricultural lands.

Dr. Fateh Marri, Vice Chancellor, Sindh Agriculture University, said that the population of the country is increasing rapidly, and fertile lands are converting into housing schemes, he said that researcher Moula Bux Peerzada has researched important topics, and suggestions are given in saving agricultural land, increasing production per acre, and expanding the scope of research work on new species, he said that It is hoped that the recommendations of this research will be helpful in agricultural land and food security.

Dr. Aijaz Ali Khooharo, Dean Faculty of Agricultural Social Sciences, Dr. Habibullah Magsi, Dr. Muhammad Hanif Lakho, Dr. Ghulam Murtaza Sahto, Director Advanced Studies, Dr. Mubeen Lodhi, and others were also present. On this occasion, the thesis of the PhD scholar was handed over to the Vice Chancellor Dr. Fateh Marri, and approval was given to award the PhD degree.


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